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Here's How I Lost 100 Pounds in 1 Year

One woman reveals the secrets to how she lost weight fast.

Losing 100 pounds in a year seems impossible – but it isn't. Weight Loss Guide (@w8lossguide) is a TikTok account chronicling one woman's weight loss journey, which involved losing a massive amount of weight in a short period of time. In a viral video, she reveals how she did it. "This is me. These pictures are one year apart. I lost a hundred pounds in one year, and I am going to tell you exactly what I did to lose it," she says in the clip. We also asked The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, to weigh in on her tactics.  

She Started with "Very Strict Keto"

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"I started with very strict keto, followed all the rules, did everything keto you're supposed to do for four weeks, and lost a ton of weight, but it was not sustainable for me," she says in the clip. 

She Transition to Low Carb, No Sugar

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She then transitioned to a low carb, no sugar diet. "Only thing I was tracking was 20 net carbs a day or less and no sugar. I found food I truly enjoyed eating, and that worked with what I was going for, the low carb, no sugar, and just stuck to that," she continues. 

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For a Few Months, She Only Played Tennis

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"The first few months I did not do any exercise outside of tennis a couple days a week," she claims. "I was solely focused on totally overhauling my nutrition."

Around Month Five, She Incorporated Exercise

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About five months into her weight loss journey, "I began incorporating exercise, which was usually just 30 minutes of walking or anything that registered on my Apple watch as 30 minutes of exercise," she says. 

Month Six, She Allowed Herself One Cheat Meal a Week

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After six months, she lost 50 pounds and was still "tracking 20 net carbs or less a day, a hundred ounces of water a day, 30 minutes of exercise as far as cheat days or cheat meals, one cheat meal every single week," she says. "I did not let that turn into a whole day, one cheat meal, and I usually chose french fries."

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At Month Nine, She Transitioned to Calorie Counting

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Nine months in, she was "80 pounds down" and "decided to transition from low carbs to calorie counting" so that she "could learn how to reincorporate all types of food back into" her diet. "At this point, I'm eating 1500 calories a day."

She Was "So Close" to Hitting Her Goal


In December, she was "so close" to hitting her "100 pound goal" with just 20 pounds to go. 

RDN Says: Extreme Limits on Net Carbs Can Be Dangerous

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"Bravo on losing 100 pounds!  Losing that amount of weight is going to improve your health exponentially now and for the future," says Collingwood. However, she is "not a fan of doing less than 20 net carbs for as long as she did, but it did seem to work for her without any side effects or adverse events reported," she adds. "The danger is digestive issues with little to no fiber, putting the body at risk of disease with very few antioxidant rich fruits and veggies, and reducing metabolism and risking gaining weight back."

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She Adds That 1,500 Calories Is a "Great Maintenance Amount


"I am so glad she started adding exercise," Collingwood adds. "When you reduce calories so drastically, you are going to lose a huge proportion of muscle along with the fat, but incorporating the exercise will help maintain some of that muscle and will also boost metabolism to hopefully prevent it from completely tanking." She does note that "1500 calories is a really good maintenance amount," and "it sounds like she has brought back other foods (not just protein and fat) to make it more well rounded," she says. "If the exercise stays or even increases in intensity (other than just walking) she may be able to go higher than 1500 calories and still maintain the weight loss."

💪🔥Body Booster: When you are losing rapid amounts of weight, make sure to exercise. If you don't, you will lose your muscle along with the fat. 

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