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I Lost 60 Pounds in 16 Months By Changing My Diet and Using EMS

David Tuckfield, 61, transformed his life with diet and exercise.
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Embarking on a weight loss journey can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of weight you want to lose. Reminding yourself that it is very possible and finding motivation from other people's success stories is a great way to remind yourself that you can do it, too. David Tuckfield, 61, is a weight loss warrior who dropped 60 pounds and reduced his body fat by 23 percent in 16 months by changing his diet and incorporating fitness into his routine. The Austin, Texas-based attorney recently revealed his secret to weight loss with Body Network, including one extremely effective workout.

His Starting Weight Was 234.6 Pounds

David Tuckfield

On August 31, 2022, Tuckfield weighed 234.6 pounds with 39.8 percent body fat. He explains that he had "lots of ups and downs" in his life, and overeating was his crutch. However, he decided to make some major changes.

He Discovered EMS Workouts

David Tuckfield

Tuckfield explained that electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) was a game-changing workout for him, which he discovered at BODY20. "I was very skeptical when I first tried the EMS workouts. I was shocked after my demo workout how much I felt a difference," he tells us.

EMS is a technique that uses electrical signals to make your muscles contract. This can help with recovery, relaxation, and even fat burning. It's like your body's own way of making your muscles move but without the stress on your joints and tendons.

Does EMS Work?

Female trainer connecting cables of ems suit

Although the jury is still out, scientists have already conducted extensive research to determine the effectiveness of EMS. One study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that EMS can significantly enhance the strength of both trained athletes and untrained subjects. It concluded that EMS is a promising alternative to traditional strength training.

Another study found that EMS can reduce body fat. Participants received EMS three times a week for six weeks and saw significant reductions in waist circumference, abdominal obesity, and body fat percentage.

How Does It Work?

EMS electro stimulation women exercises with trainer coach

"For me, the amazing thing about the EMS workouts to me is that I can actually feel or sense my muscles. That was something that I had never experienced. At first, I could feel them only during the workouts, but now, when I exert myself, I can discern which muscles are engaged. I don't have huge or impressive muscles, but I am more in tune with the muscles I have. It is a good feeling to feel your muscles engage when you do an activity," Tuckfield told us. Another "great thing" about the workout "is that you really get a full workout (or better) in 20 minutes," he says. Experts agree that EMS can help improve muscle tone and strength but warn that it's not a replacement for regular exercise. Regular workouts are still important for overall health and fitness. Now, let's see what Tuckfield did to lose weight and get fit.

He Started to Run

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Running is another workout that David relied on, "because it allows me to get outside," he says, "which I believe is critical to mental health, and progress is easily measurable." He adds: "I love being outside and a run always makes me feel good."

He Did Pushups and Situps

David Tuckfield

Tuckfield also did some old school exercises, push-ups ("it just helps me get my day started right," he says) and sit-ups, "same as push-ups," he adds, "it just helps me get my day started right."

He Played Tennis

Close up of man holding tennis racket on clay court. In his hand is tennis ball. On court is sunset./Man holding tennis racket

David also started playing tennis. "You get exercise while enjoying yourself," he tells us.

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Here Is What He Eats in a Day

Healthy Homemade Chicken Breast and Rice with Broccoli

David also had to change his diet, first by eliminating nachos, chips, and fries. "While I have not completely eliminated carbs, I have cut back significantly," he says. He now starts the day with a protein shake. For lunch, he has chicken or meat, and for dinner, he goes light. He will eat broccoli with cheese sauce, "perhaps some more chicken or meat if I'm still hungry, he says. As for snacks, he sticks to pickles, beets, or pineapple. This diet helps him lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. "The #1 tip is to change the way you eat," he explains. "You can exercise all you want, but if you snack all day and eat nachos all the time, like I did before, you will not get anywhere no matter how much you exercise."

How to Overcome Setbacks

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"The biggest setback I have is when I visit or socialize with others, I am tempted to overeat or eat things I wouldn't if left to my own devices," David admits. "I think the key to overcoming that is to remind yourself that you can eat what others are eating in a social setting, but you can simply cut back on the amount that is placed in front of you."

He Now Weighs 174 Pounds

Legs of men standing on scales weight. Concept of health and weight loss.

As of February 7, 2021, David is down to 173.8 pounds and 16.9 percent body fat. "I lost 60.8 pounds in 16 months," he says.

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His Advice? Set Long Term Goals

David Tuckfield

David's ultimate advice? "Don't think short term. Think of it as a very long journey," he suggests. "You will plateau, and you should just be comfortable with that. If you don't stress out about the plateaus, you will eventually work through them." Also, he recommends weighing yourself every day at the same time every day. "If you've gained weight, ask yourself what you did yesterday that would have made you gain weight. Usually, the answer is obvious," he says.

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