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Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, ACSM-CPT

Title: MS, RDN, CSSD, ACSM-CPT, Sports Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Location: Maitland, Florida

Expertise: Sports nutrition, weight loss, performance nutrition, sleep, vegetarian nutrition.

Experience: 20+ years as sports dietitian working with Orlando Magic, University of Central Florida, World Wrestling Entertainment, United States Tennis Association, runDisney, and numerous professional, Olympic, and recreational athletes. Also have worked with senior executives and busy professionals to help them clarify their purpose, work on life balance, and change habits to increase performance.

Website: Diet Diva

Social Links: Instagram




Title: Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Owner at Kat Best Fitness & Nutrition LLC

Location: New York, New York

Education: Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (Nutritional Therapy Association, 2018-2019); Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising Management (Fashion Institute of Technology, 2011-2014); Associate of Arts and Sciences in Fashion Merchandising Management (Fashion Institute of Technology, 2011-2012)

Expertise: Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness Coaching, Nutrient Bioavailability, Chronic Inflammation, Lifestyle and Behavior Coaching

Experience: Kat Best is the co-founder and Head of Nutrition at Alta Coaching, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. 

Kat uses a holistic approach to guide her clients to eat for their unique goals, build meals from quality food and establish a routine of healthy habits, helping her clients to embrace and learn from challenges along the way. 

Her journey into holistic nutrition and wellness began with personal challenges that led her to explore the power of holistic approaches to health. Through her own experiences and extensive education, she has developed a deep understanding of how nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness can transform health and well-being. As the owner of Kat Best Fitness & Nutrition LLC, she has helped clients achieve remarkable health transformations by focusing on whole foods, holistic wellness, and habit-based coaching. Kat holds certifications as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Certified Dietary Supplement Professional, Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, Precision Nutrition 1, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Women's Fitness Specialist, NASM Golf Fitness Specialist, Functional Movement Screen, and Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist.

Website: KatBest.com

Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook


Karl Bratland, ExSc, USAW L1, CF-L1

Title: Functional Fitness and Nutritional Coach, Online Fitness Coach for Busy Dads

Location: Naperville, Illinois

Education: Master of Arts in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa; Bachelor's degree in Sport and Fitness Administration/Management from Wartburg College

Expertise: Functional Fitness, Nutrition for Parents, Efficient Workouts, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Experience: Karl Bratland is a functional fitness and nutritional coach who has his own online fitness coaching business to help other dads (and moms) look, move, and feel better with custom fitness and nutrition plans. With a Master's degree in Exercise Science and multiple fitness certifications, including a USAW L1 and CrossFit Trainer, Karl brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to his online fitness coaching business. As a busy dad of four, including recent identical twin girls, he understands the challenges of balancing family life with fitness and nutrition. Karl's approach focuses on functional, effective, and efficient movements designed to enhance quality of life and promote longevity. As a busy dad of 4 (recent identical twin girls), his workouts focus on functional, effective, and efficient movements to achieve the aforementioned goals and create a quality life of longevity.

Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram


Christopher Clarke, AFAA-CPT

Title/Education: Executive Personal Trainer, Certified AFAA Personal Trainer, Certified First Aid – CPR – AED by American Red Cross

Expertise: Wellness Assessments, Personal Training, Body Building, Group Fitness Training, Rehabilitation

Experience: Christopher Clarke, the number one fitness guru from the Caribbean, based in Palm Beach, Florida, has over 15 years of experience in creating tailor-made exercise programs for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. He has been featured on FOX 35 TV, CBS TV, and in several international magazines for his fitness expertise.

Reputed for his ability to help get clients into shape, Clarke's client roster includes Celebrities, Executives, Diplomats, Artists and Athletes. His list of satisfied VIP clients includes global reggae icon Jimmy Cliff, former N.B.A. Jiangsu Dragons Basketball player Samardo Samuel and dancehall star Ce'Cile.

Website: Christopher Clarke

Social Media: Instagram


Dr. Raj Dasgupta

Title: Chief Medical Advisor for Garage Gym Reviews

Location: Southern California

Education: He completed his Internal Medicine residency at Michigan State University, Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship at Columbia University, Saint Lukes & Roosevelt Hospital and Sleep Medicine fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital.

Expertise: Quadruple board certified in internal medicine, sleep medicine, pulmonology, and critical care

Experience: During his training, Dr. Raj received numerous awards including: Resident of the Year, Fellow of the Year and the Director's Award for research. After his training, Dr. Raj worked at Abington Hospital which is affiliated with Jefferson University where he received the faculty teacher of the year. He is quadruple board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

Websites: DoctorRajD and GarageGymReviews 

Social Media: Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter), Facebook

Video Appearances: YouTube



Amy Rosoff Davis, Celebrity Trainer

Title: Celebrity Trainer, Health and Wellness Coach

Location: Los Angeles, California

Education: Studied at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts

Expertise: Holistic Fitness, Celebrity Training, Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi

Experience: Amy Rosoff Davis, a renowned celebrity trainer and wellness coach, is celebrated for her holistic approach to fitness and wellness, emphasizing the mind, body, and spirit connection. She gained recognition for transforming Selena Gomez for her Revival Tour and has worked with a roster of high-profile clients. Amy's philosophy of radical self-love and acceptance in fitness encourages clients to find joy in movement rather than striving for perfection. With a background in dance and various fitness disciplines, Amy creates tailored programs that promote physical results and a more joyful, abundant life. She is also a certified nutritionist with Nutritious Life, offering meal plans and health food options to her clients.

Website: Amy Rosoff Davis

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter)

Videos: 30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs from Popsugar; Bala x Amy Rosoff Davis 40 Minute Workout Video



Karla De Epstein, MS, CNC

Title: Founder of MacroFIT by PeruvianPrincessFit, National Physique Committee Athlete, Certified Nutrition Coach

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

Education: Master of Computer Applications from Stevens Institute of Technology; Bachelor's degree in Economics & Finance from Universidad de Lima; Finance Specialist from University of California, Los Angeles

Expertise: Bodybuilding, Nutrition Coaching, MacroFIT Program, Fitness for Parents

Experience: Originally from Peru and now a resident of the US for almost 25 years, Karla, alongside her husband and 4 kids, has turned her 30-year passion for fitness into a career. Her last child's birth inspired her to delve into bodybuilding, and during COVID, she became a National Physique Committee athlete and a Certified Nutrition Coach. 

In 2021, the MacroFIT by PeruvianPrincessFit Program was born, proving that macros can do it all, whether it is weight loss, lean mass gains, or body recomposition. Karli has worked with clients from all walks of life, including celebrities, male and female competitors, post-partum moms, brides-to-be, and anyone looking to make a huge change in their health.

Social: Instagram

Website: MacroFIT by PeruvianPrincessFit


Araceli De Leon, M.S., ACE

Title: ACE Certified Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer

Location: San Diego, California

Education: Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University; Master's degree in Sports Performance from Point Loma Nazarene University; Certified 500-hour Yoga Teacher

Expertise: Health Coaching, Personal Training, Yoga, Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise, Group Exercise Instruction

Experience: Araceli De Leon is an experienced health and wellness professional, currently managing business and career content projects at the American Council on Exercise (ACE). With a robust background in personal training, health coaching, and yoga instruction, Araceli has dedicated her career to helping a wide range of clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Her holistic approach integrates the essential connection between mind, body, and spirit, underlining her commitment to enhancing quality of life through fitness and wellness.

Social Media: LinkedIn

Website: ACE Fitness


Cara D'Orazio3


Mark Dean Edwards, PN L1, CF L2

Title/Education: Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach and CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Location: Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mark coaches local and remote clients from his home base in Tokyo, Japan where he lives with his wife of 10 years, Saori.

Expertise: As a nutrition and fitness coach, he is dedicated to helping his clients be better versions of themselves by "finding their why" in their nutrition and lifestyle journey. Helping clients attain their fitness and health goals and the profound effect that reaching those goals can have on their lives is a driving force in his coaching practice.

Experience: Being raised in a family that hunted, fished, and farmed has colored his viewpoint with an appreciation for the origins of the food we eat and the importance of respecting, promoting, and conserving our natural food sources and the hard-working people who produce that food. His childhood background also instilled in him a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the enjoyment of hard physical activity.

Besides being a CrossFit junkie, he has a varied background in motocross, downhill skiing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do (mixed martial arts), and kickboxing.

Website: Minimalist Nutrition

Social Media: Instagram


Arabella FeatherstoneName: Arabella Featherstone

Title/Education: Fitness Trainer, Coach & Nutrition Expert; Level 3 Personal Training, Weight Loss Specialist, Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Location: San Roque, Andalusia, Spain

Expertise: Fitness and nutrition, specializing in golf fitness, nutrition, corrective exercise, and weight loss

Experience: Arabella is the visionary founder of Feathers Food & Fitness, focusing on transforming bodies and minds through fitness and nutrition over 6 years. With certifications including Level 3 Personal Training and Weight Loss Specialist, Arabella offers strength training classes and online training that empower physical and mental strength.

Website Links: Feathers Food & Fitness

Social Links: Instagram


Dillan Foss, ATC

Title: Board Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer, Founder of Limitless Theory

Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida

Education: Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training, Master's in Nutrition for Human Performance from Lasell University

Expertise: Sports Medicine, Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions, Bodybuilding, Nutrition Coaching

Experience: Dillan Foss is a former collegiate basketball player who has transitioned his passion for sports into a career in wellness and athletic training. He founded Limitless Theory, a wellness concierge business that integrates sports medicine with dietary and lifestyle interventions. As a Board Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Coach, Dillan has made significant strides in the world of bodybuilding and wellness coaching, leveraging his academic background and personal journey to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Website Links: Limitless Theory and you can stay up-to-date on Limitless Theory by signing up for his newsletter.

Social Links: Instagram, LinkedIn


Tamara Galinsky

Title: Founder and Brand President, JETSET Pilates

Location: Miami, Florida

Education: Bachelor's in Economics and Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania; Studied Piano at a Music School in St. Petersburg, Russia

Expertise: Pilates, Music and Movement Integration, Holistic Fitness Experience Design, Real Estate

Experience: Tamara Galinsky, the visionary behind JETSET Pilates, has revolutionized the fitness industry with her unique integration of music and Pilates. With a rich musical background from Russia and over a decade of Pilates practice, she has developed a distinctive Pilates Reformer experience, enhancing workouts with curated playlists. After earning degrees in economics and comparative literature from the University of Pennsylvania and a successful career in commercial real estate, Tamara opened the first JETSET Pilates studio in 2010. Today, she leads seven thriving locations in South Florida, marrying her passion for music, movement, and holistic wellness.

Social: Instagram, LinkedIn (for JETSET Pilates), LinkedIn (for Tamara)

Website: JETSET Pilates


Chris Gagliardi, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Title: Scientific Education Content Manager at American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness)  

Location: El Cajon, California, United States  

Education: Master's Degree in Kinesiology from A.T. Still University; Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from San Diego State University; Associate of Science in General Sciences from Cuyamaca Community College; Certificate of Orthotics from Northwestern University  

Expertise: Fitness Education, Health Coaching, Group Fitness Instruction, Strength and Conditioning, Orthotics  

Experience: Christopher has over 20 years of experience in health and wellness, with a particular focus on fitness education and health coaching. He has been with the American Council on Exercise for over 13 years, where he has played a crucial role in assisting individuals to become certified fitness professionals. Prior to ACE, Christopher worked as a Health Coach at American Specialty Health and as an Orthotist at SCOPE Orthotics and Prosthetics.  

Website: ACE Fitness

Social Media: Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn


Andrew Hayes, NASM-CEM

Title: Founder and Head of Lifestyle, Alta Coaching

Location: New York, New York

Expertise: Holistic Habit Coaching, Personal Training, Lifestyle Transformation

Experience: Andrew Hayes is the founder behind Alta Coaching, renowned for its holistic approach to habit coaching. Transitioning from a sedentary desk job to a fitness enthusiast, Andrew's journey epitomizes the transformative power of dedicating time to exercise amidst a busy lifestyle. His commitment to health and well-being flourished into a career empowering others to achieve balance in health, career, and family life. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, devoted husband, and father, Andrew embodies the philosophy that self-care is integral to family care, inspiring clients to lead fulfilling lives through balanced, healthy habits.

With a profound conviction in the transformative impact of coaching, Andrew is on a mission to empower others to prioritize their health and well-being, proving that with the right guidance, it is indeed possible to have it all.

Website: Alta Coaching

Social Media: Instagram, Alta Coaching Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter)


Jordan Hill, MCD, RD, CSSD

Jordan Hill, MCD, RD, CSSD

Title: Certified Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Owner at Hill Health and Sport

Location: Denver, Colorado

Education: Master's of Clinical Dietetics from Oregon Health and Science University; Bachelor's degrees in Dietetics/Dietitian and Consumer Foods from The University of Georgia

Expertise: Sports Nutrition, Wellness Counseling, Holistic Nutrition Approach

Experience: With over seven years of counseling experience, Jordan Hill has established herself as a leading authority in sports dietetics at Top Nutrition Coaching and the owner of Hill Health and Sport. Growing up as an athlete and coming from a health-conscious family, Jordan has developed a deep understanding of nutrition as a fundamental source of energy and well-being. Her professional journey includes roles at Thrive Health Holdings, Stronger U Nutrition, the University of Oregon, the Chicago Cubs, and Clemson University, where she utilized her expertise to improve the physical and mental capabilities of her clients through tailored nutrition plans.

Website: Top Nutrition Coaching

Social Media: LinkedIn


Paige Johnson

Title: Owner of Mantra Fitness, Orange County 

Education: B.S. kinesiology. M.S. exercise sciences.

Expertise: CPT, CES, CSCS, CPES, Certified Pilates instructor, Nutrition

Experience: Twenty years in the health and fitness industry. Find what makes you want to get out and move. Engage in all kinds of movement. There is no magic pill, it takes commitment and discipline!

Website: Mantra Fitness

Social Media: Instagram


John Kally

Title: Nutritionist and Coach

Location: Pennsylvania

Education: Nutritional Therapy Association

Expertise: Helping people build strong bodies, resolve gut issues, balance hormones, and get healthier than ever before.

Experience: Five years of experience as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and over a decade of experience in the gym. John has appeared on the Heal Yourself podcast and Mitolife Radio.

Website: John the Savage

Social Media: Instagram


Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN

Title: Nutrition Expert and Advisor

Location: Los Angeles, California

Education: Ilana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Registered Dietitian License, and a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Expertise: Her expertise lies in nutrition and weight management, particularly in pediatric obesity, metabolic syndrome, healthy eating, and lifestyle choices. She also specializes in nutrition education and counseling.

Experience: Ilana's journey from being labeled as obese at eight years old to becoming a leading nutrition expert is a powerful testament to resilience and transformation. Her early experience with obesity, marked by a visit to "Fat Camp" and a struggle with comfort food dependency, set the stage for a profound personal and professional evolution. Despite the challenges of gaining back weight after initial loss efforts, Ilana faced her reality with determination. By the age of 13, she weighed 215 pounds and wore a size 20, but she made a pivotal decision to change her lifestyle for good. Recognizing herself as a "volume eater," she discovered the importance of feeling full and satisfied without weight gain, leading to significant weight loss by the end of her freshman year of high school.

This transformation wasn't just about losing weight; about changing her mindset towards food and her overall approach to health. Ilana's journey inspired her to delve deeper into the field of nutrition, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and dietetics, becoming a registered dietitian, and furthering her education with a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics. Her mission evolved into showing others that a healthy lifestyle is not only achievable but can be maintained with the right mindset and strategies. Ilana developed a unique framework for overcoming weight loss plateaus, boosting metabolism, and ensuring sustainable weight management, driven by the desire to empower others to break free from their insecurities and embrace a healthier chapter in their lives.

Building on her personal experience and professional qualifications, Ilana became a respected public speaker, media personality, and influencer. She created the 2B Mindset Program, an initiative rooted in her own weight loss journey, advanced education, and experience with numerous clients, both at UCLA and in private practice. Her contributions to the American Heart Association's executive leadership team and her lectures for the Bruin Health Improvement Program at UCLA since 2013 highlight her commitment to public health education.

Ilana's expertise extends beyond individual consulting; she actively collaborates with and invests in food, fitness, and wellness companies. She leads nutrition seminars, cooking demonstrations, and Mind and Body Reset Retreats designed to transform lives. Furthermore, her development of the 2B Pregnant program with Beachbody LLC showcases her dedication to addressing the unique nutritional needs of pregnant women. Now a mother of three—Olivia, Julian, and Gideon—Ilana continues to share her knowledge and experiences with a wide audience, from private clients to online communities, book readers, retreat guests, and beyond, illustrating her unwavering commitment to fostering healthier lives.

Website: IlanaMuhlstein.com

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Videos: YouTube

Books: You Can Drop It! and Love the Food That Loves You Back


Nadia Murdock

Title: Mindset & Movement Coach

Education: B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University – Newark, Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Certified Fitness Instructor

Expertise: Fitness, Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Experience: Founder of Nadia Murdock Fit, author of "You Can Have It All," contributing writer and influencer across various media outlets. Nadia leverages her personal transformation, losing 30lbs and overcoming mental barriers, to coach others towards achieving mental and physical health. She specializes in integrating fitness and psychology to promote a self-positive mindset, body confidence, and healthier lifestyle choices.

Websites: Nadia Murdock, Garage Gym Reviews

Social Media: Instagram


Portia Page, CPT, NCPT, PMA, ACE and AFAA

Title: Pilates Teacher; Fitness and Wellness Expert; Author of "Pilates Illustrated"

Location: Roseburg, Oregon

Education: Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from University of California San Diego

Expertise: Over 30 years in the fitness industry, specialized in Pilates, Yoga, Group Fitness, Wellness, and Public Speaking. Certified in Stott Pilates, ACE, AFAA, Cancer Exercise Specialist (CETI), and RYT® 200.

Experience: Balanced Body Pilates Master Instructor since 2006, teaching a wide range of fitness classes including Step Aerobics, Cycling, Yoga, Strength Training, Pilates, and Barre. Portia's career began with her love for group exercise classes, transitioning to an instructor role in 1989, and has since led more than 12K fitness classes worldwide. Her personal fitness practice includes Pilates, strength training, Barre/Dance, along with activities for aging gracefully like walking, hiking, yoga, cardio, and Tai Chi.

Website Links: Portia Page LLC, Balanced Body

Social Links: LinkedIn, Instagram


Courtney Pelitera MS, RD, CNSC

Courtney Pelitera MS, RD, CNSC

Title: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Business Owner at Devour Your Life Nutrition LLC

Location: Rochester, New York

Education: Master's Degree in Dietetics/Dietitian from D'Youville College; Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Gannon University

Expertise: Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Performance Nutrition, Nutrition Support, Creating Healthy Habits

Experience: Courtney Pelitera is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Top Nutrition Coaching with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Her personal journey as a 3-sport high school athlete inspired her to pursue a career in dietetics, recognizing the impact of nutrition on sports performance. As the owner of Devour Your Life Nutrition LLC, Courtney specializes in sports and performance nutrition, aiming to educate athletes on fueling their bodies effectively. She has worked in various settings, including hospitals and home care, and is passionate about helping clients create healthy habits that enhance their relationship with food and nutrition.

Website: Top Nutrition Coaching

Social Media: Facebook


Melissa Pfeister, CN

Melissa Pfeister, CN

Title: Founder of Stripped with Melissa, Host of the Side Piece Podcast, Co-host of the Namaste B$tches Podcast

Location: Midwest

Education: Stanford Medicine Certified Nutritionist

Expertise: Nutrition Coaching, Podcast Hosting, Entrepreneurship

Experience: Melissa Pfeister is a dynamic figure in the world of nutrition and wellness, known for her innovative programs and engaging podcasts. As the founder of Stripped with Melissa and host of the Side Piece podcast, she has inspired and empowered countless individuals to embrace healthy living and positive relationships with food. Melissa's diverse background includes serving on the medical review board of Eat This Not That! and co-hosting the Namaste B$tches podcast alongside Teresa Giudice. With roots in the Midwest and a background in all-state basketball, Melissa embodies discipline, a love for healthy living, and a strong work ethic, values she shares with her clients and audience. Her entrepreneurial journey began with the creation of Naked Feast in 2015, a company dedicated to promoting a positive relationship with food. 

Since launching Stripped with Melissa in 2020, she has helped over 100 clients reach their goals — whether that be losing weight, creating healthy habits, or simply wanting to look and feel their best. The best part? Helping others find their happiness and strength again.

Website: Melissa Pfeister, Stripped with Melissa

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Podcast: She hosts the Side Piece podcast and is the cohost of the Namaste B$tches podcast with Teresa Giudice. 


Lacy Puttuck, MS, RDN, CISSN, CSCS

Lacy Puttuck,Title: Elite Wellness Dietitian
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Education: Master of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Concordia University Chicago; Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Kinesiology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Expertise: Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Autoimmune Disorders and Food Allergies, Athletic Performance, Hashimoto's Disease, PCOS, Menopause
Experience: Lacy has over 12 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, with a background in exercise physiology and certifications in sports nutrition and strength and conditioning. She specializes in weight loss/management, sports nutrition, and managing autoimmune diseases and food allergies. Lacy's athletic background, including her achievements in martial arts and weightlifting, informs her holistic approach to nutrition and wellness.
Social Links: Instagram, LinkedIn


Jim Richard

Title/Education: CEO, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Blogger, Online Wellness Coach, Psychology Graduate

Expertise: Fitness Instruction, High-Intensity Interval Training, Fitness Blogging, Wellness Coaching, Debunking Fitness Myths, Demonstrating Effective Exercise Techniques

Experience: Jim Richard is a seasoned Fitness Instructor and Psychology graduate renowned for his expertise in transforming both physiques and lifestyles. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness arena, Jimmy brings a unique blend of practical wisdom, scientific knowledge, and British pragmatism to his work. He is the founder of www.JimmyJRichard.com, a platform where he translates his fitness passion into engaging, straightforward, and jargon-free content, making fitness accessible to all.

In his role as a fitness instructor for the past five years, Jim specializes in creating high-intensity interval training sessions that are as informative as they are engaging. He is committed to debunking fitness myths and demonstrating effective exercise techniques, with a focus on educating and motivating his audience. His approach is underpinned by a dedication to science-backed methods and a dash of humor, making him a distinct voice in the fitness industry.

When not leading workouts or writing insightful fitness articles, Jimmy is an avid HYROX enthusiast and enjoys exploring the intersection of AI and fitness. He brings a unique perspective to fitness, combining his extensive experience with a modern approach to exercise and wellness.

Jim's mission is to be more than just a fitness guru; he's a storyteller, motivator, and ally in the journey towards better health. If you're looking for a fitness expert who is as passionate about heavy deadlifts as he is about delving into heavy topics, Jimmy is your go-to professional.

Website: Jim Richard


Jen Rulon

Title: Triathlon Coach, Owner of JenRulon.com

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Education:  She holds a Masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science, providing her with a strong foundation in athletic performance and training methodologies. 

Expertise: Triathlon Coaching, Authorship, Public Speaking, Social Media Management

Experience: With over 20 years of experience as a triathlon coach, Jen Rulon is a respected figure in the endurance sports community. Jen's expertise extends beyond coaching, as she is also an accomplished author and speaker, with contributions to renowned publications such as Triathlete Magazine, Runner's World, Men's Journal Online, and the New York Times. She has graced the TEDx stage and shared her insights at the Health and Wellness Expo in San Antonio, TX. Jen's dedication to empowering women led her to establish the coaching program "Monarch Mindset," where she guides women towards self-motivation and success. As a 15-time Ironman Triathlete, including participation in the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Jen leads by example, embodying the principles of passion, grit, and heart. Her social media prowess has also earned her recognition, ranking as one of the top coaches on the Leaderboard with Multisport Research – Endurance Sport Social Analytics in 2018 Q4.

Jen has always lived and loved with passion, grit, and heart. She's fearless and motivated to provide positive content and heartfelt wisdom. As one client put it, "She coaches the way she lives her life, which is beautifully and by example."

Between her speaking engagements, podcast, and book: Self Motivation Strategies for Women, Jen details how to tackle challenges head-on in a friendly, no-nonsense approach. jenrulon.com/

Website: Jen Rulon

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Videos: YouTube


Danielle Smith, RD, CWLS

Title: Certified Registered Dietitian

Location: Austin, Texas

Expertise: Gastrointestinal Disorders, Eating Disorders, Diabetes, Weight Management, Nutrition for Fertility.

Experience: Over 8 years in Nutrition Counseling, Personal Training, Expertise in managing conditions such as Celiac Disease, Lyme Disease, SIBO, Hypothyroidism, and PCOS. Danielle's journey into nutrition began as a personal trainer, seeking to fuel her body effectively. However, her path took a significant turn as she battled her own health issues, including Celiac disease, Lyme disease, SIBO, and hypothyroidism. Through her personal struggles, Danielle gained invaluable insight into the critical role of nutrition in treatment and recovery. Her firsthand experience with these conditions makes her uniquely qualified to empathize with and effectively assist her clients. Additionally, Danielle's personal challenges with PCOS and amenorrhea due to over-training have fueled her passion for nutrition's impact on fertility. After overcoming these hurdles and experiencing the joys of motherhood with twins, she's become a fervent advocate for the power of informed nutritional and lifestyle changes. Danielle is dedicated to helping her clients rediscover the joy of eating and regain their health without fear.

Website: Top Nutrition Coaching

Social Media: Instagram


Annette Snyder, MS, RD, CSOWM

Annette Snyder, MS, RD, CSOWM

Title: Certified Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management

Location: United States

Education: Master of Science in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian (RD), Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM)

Expertise: Medical nutrition therapy, Intuitive Eating, obesity and weight management, digestive issues, diabetes care, heart health, bariatric surgery

Experience: Nearly 20 years of experience in counseling and medical nutrition therapy across various settings. Transitioned to a Health at Every Size (HAES)/Intuitive Eating approach, focusing on non-diet methods. Currently provides telehealth nutrition counseling and education through her private practice NourishYOU LLC and Top Nutrition Coaching. Has developed diabetes education programs and contributed to health literacy through clinical and outpatient nutrition services.

Annette's passion also lies in working with those struggling with digestive issues that impact quality of life. She commits to listening without judgment, providing empowerment through education, and firmly believes that no one should have to deal with health challenges alone. She is dedicated to being there for her clients every step of the way.

Websites: NourishYOU LLC, Top Nutrition Coaching


Sharon Stewart, AFAA, NASM

Sharon Stewart, AFAA, NASM

Title: Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach

Location: South Florida

Education: Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach Certification

Expertise: Strength training, aqua Tabata, group fitness classes, senior fitness

Experience: Over 30 years in the wellness industry, collaborating with industry leaders like Richard Simmons and Beachbody. Specializes in delivering engaging fitness programs tailored for all ages, with a focus on senior health and wellness.

Social Media: Facebook


Jonathan Valdez, RDN, CDCES, CPT

Jonathan Valdez, RDN, CDCES, CPT

Title: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Location: New York, New York, United States

Education: Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Human Nutrition from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa; Master of Business Administration from the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University, Chicago, Illinois

Expertise: Nutrition communications, consulting, wellness, diabetes management, sports nutrition

Experience: Jonathan Valdez, RDN, CDCES, CPT is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified personal trainer. Valdez contributes to EHProject, providing evidence-based quotes to journalists and writers. Valdez also runs his private practice, Genki Nutrition, specializing in nutrition communications, consulting, and wellness. Before becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist, he was a diet technician, where he won Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year in Hawai'i and then in Illinois.

He received his bachelor of science in food science & human nutrition at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa— and continued his education for a master of business administration at the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University in Chicago, Illinois. During his studies, he traveled to Perú and South Africa to gain humbling experiences aiding communities with different cultures, beliefs, and values while making nutrition understandable and accessible.

Valdez has been featured in Food Network, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Verywell, Shape Magazine, Women's Health, Eat This, Not That, Parade, and Daily Mail. When he isn't working, he is catching waves in Hawai'i, going to the gym, playing tennis, or traveling the world.

Website: Genki Nutrition

Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram


Courtney Virden

Courtney Virden

Title/Education: Pelvic Floor & Fitness Expert, CPT

Expertise: Restoring pelvic floor function and proper body mechanics and posture.

Experience: Over 20 years in the fitness industry, training professional athletes, celebrities, and everyday moms. Among other publications, Courtney is the pelvic floor contributor for Kourtney Kardahian's Poosh. Creator of the iCORE Method app – holistic programs for women for full body and pelvic floor health, which includes experts and physicians with various specialties and a focus on women's health.  

Website: iCORE Method

Social Media: Instagram


Josh York

Title: Founder & CEO of GYMGUYZ 

Education: Bachelor Degree in Business from Long Island University C.W. Post Campus

Expertise: Certified Personal Trainer

Experience: Josh York founded GYMGUYZ in 2008, building it into the world's largest personal training company with over 150 locations across 30 states and 3 countries. His entrepreneurial journey began at his parents' dining room table, driven by a passion for fitness and wellness honed during his high school hockey days. York is recognized for his innovative approach to mobile personal training, offering in-home, on-site, and virtual personal training services to facilitate consistent workouts tailored to individual goals.

Website: GYMGUYZ

Social Media: Instagram


Adita Yrizarry-Lang, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Title: Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Author, Speaker 

Education: Bachelors of Science in Holistic Nutrition from The Clayton College of Natural Health, Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach from The Chek Institute

Expertise: Holistic nutrition, fitness training, wellness education, mind-body coaching

Experience: Over 40 years in health and wellness, author of "SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness" and "SuperPowers of the Family Kitchen," creator of "The 4 Pillars of Health" concept, extensive experience as a motivational speaker and corporate wellness provider, and a background in biomechanics and resistance training. Adita has also served as an educator and program developer in various wellness organizations and platforms.

Website: Adita Yrizarry-Lang

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn



David Zinczenko

Title: Founder and CEO

Education: B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from Moravian College

Expertise: Diet, health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss

Experience: Dave Zinczenko is internationally recognized as the No. 1 leading voice in diet, health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss. He is the New York Times bestselling author of 25 books in 15 languages, with more than 10 million books in print.

Dave created the Eat This, Not That! series and the Zero Belly Diet franchise, as well as The Abs Diet series and The 8-Hour Diet. He is the Nutrition and Wellness Contributor for NBC's Today Show, and he has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, 20/20, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and Dr. Oz.

Dave's brands have changed the way the world eats—and have helped millions of men and women lose weight, sometimes up to 70 pounds or more.

His franchise Zero Belly Diet has spawned three bestsellers, Zero Belly Cookbook, Zero Belly Smoothies, and Zero Belly Breakfasts that have helped thousands lose weight and look, feel and live better than ever. His following book, The Zero Sugar Diet, shows you how giving up added sugars will melt fat and guarantee your happiest and healthiest life.

Formerly the Editorial Director of Men's Health, Women's Health and Prevention, the General Manager of Rodale Books, and the Editorial Director of Men's Fitness, Zinczenko grew up in Bethlehem, PA, where he's in the Hall of Fame, and attended Moravian College, home of The Zinczenko Center for New Media.

Website: Galvanized



Leah Groth

Title: Editor-at-Large

Location: Pennsylvania

Education: Bachelor's Degree from Rollins College

Expertise: Health & Wellness, Politics, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle, Home Décor, Travel, Parenting

Experience: Leah Groth is an experienced freelance writer and journalist with over a decade of experience contributing to top media outlets such as Forbes, InStyle, Footwear News, Glamour, Shape, Prevention, USA Today, Parade, Bustle, Health, mindbodygreen, Business Insider, Reader's Digest, MyDomaine, CBS News, Apartment Therapy, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Woman's World, Livestrong, Parents, Everyday Health, Philadelphia Magazine, Women's Day, Eat This, Not That!, Parents, ScaryMommy and VeryWell

She has a proven track record of pitching, reporting, and delivering a variety of content, including features, news, slide shows, essays, and branded content. Her commerce writing has generated significant revenue for top media companies, including Hearst, and her content consistently performs well across all social media platforms.

Website: LeahGroth.com

Social Media: LinkedIn


Alek Korab

Title: Founding Editor

Location: New York City

Expertise: Alek Korab is a Co-Founder and Managing Editor at Body Network. Based in Brooklyn, Alek specializes in wellness, body health, fitness, and weight loss. 

Experience:  Alek is a seasoned media leader with 27 years of experience. With a track record of impactful coverage reaching millions of readers, Alek previously held key roles as Editor-in-Chief at Metro US and Content Director at Metro International and has worked on projects in 19 countries.

Social Media: Linkedin


Ferozan Mast

Title: Writer

Location: Los Angeles

Education: BA in History, Politics, and Economics from Royal Holloway, University of London

Expertise: Health, Science, and Wellness

Experience: Ferozan has 20 years of experience writing and editing in the health, wellness, and celebrity realm.

Website: Ferozan Mast

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram



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