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Fitness Expert Bryony Deery Shares Her Secrets For Chiseled Abs

Here are her lifestyle habits.
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Pilates influencer Bryony Deery is flaunting her chiseled abs – in a swimsuit. In a new post, the Pilates By Bryony founder and social media influencer shows off her famously toned midsection in a two-piece bathing suit as she poses in front of the mirror, pontificating on the importance of restarting your commitment to fitness daily. "Even though I'm the first to encourage movement and a fresh start I also think it's really important and helpful to know that you can start again everyday and you don't have to wait till a Monday to start again," she says, emphasizing the importance of "accountability partners because it's just so helpful to have someone else that's spurring you on and checking in on you," she writes. "It's not about creating a new you, it's about building in sustainable daily practices that just make you feel your best and not self sabotaging." Her followers went wild. "You're a dream," commented one. "Hot stuff 🔥" added another. How does the fitness pro approach health and wellness? The Body Network has the lowdown on all of her health habits. 

Warm Water with Lemon

"Before a morning session, I'll have a glass of warm water with lemon, which aids digestion and an oat milk collagen matcha using Enso's matcha powder and Dose & Co's dairy-free collagen," Bryony tells Sheerluxe.

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Fasted Workouts

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Some people fuel up with food pre-workout, but not Bryony. "I prefer to work out on an empty stomach as it better supports my energy and concentration. I always stress to my clients the importance of listening to your body and seeing food as fuel to enjoy, satisfy and energize," she tells the publication.

Smoothie and Buddha Bowls

Banana and chocolate smoothie in the glass jar

"Post-workout, I love a smoothie bowl – it's a great way to pack in the nutrition. My go-to blend is chocolate pea protein powder mixed with frozen banana, half an avocado, a large scoop of nut butter and plant-based milk. If I'm at home for lunch, I love a warm Buddha bowl, homemade miso soup with lots of vegetables and ginger, or avocado on sourdough toast," she dishes about her favorite mid-afternoon meals. 



Bryony "was introduced to the idea of Pilates by my doctor as a type of rehab," she tells Harper's Bazaar. "I completely healed all my injuries through Pilates, which was something I thought would never happen." After experiencing "physical and mental benefits" of Pilates, she made the decision to start teaching. 

Hot and Cold Therapy

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"Daily Pilates and hot and cold therapy have completely changed my life. Now I do infrared saunas and ice baths most mornings. That's obviously a big investment in a gym membership that gives me access to that every day, but it has taken my symptoms away. I now don't notice the arthritis at all," Bryony adds to Harper's. 



Bryony also loves walking. "I think it's so meditative. I try to do 10,000 steps a day, but sometimes life gets in the way. The easiest way I find to manage it is to bookend your working day with walks. Splitting them up doesn't seem so overwhelming – because 10,000 steps means walking for about an hour and 40 minutes, which seems a lot to do in one go," she says. 

Padel Tennis

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Her "other real passion" is padel [tennis]. "It's the fastest growing sport and I'm completely hooked. For me it goes hand-in-hand with Pilates, because it requires so much balance and core strength, and it really works your obliques. I would say that Pilates is a really complimentary practice for everything, though," she says to Bazaar. 

Accountability Groups


Bryony doesn't just have workout buddies she has an "accountability group" with her friends that meet on WhatsApp, "posting our workouts and walks, which really helps me stay on track. I also find ways of being sociable that that feel a little more active and more conducive to wellness rather than always thinking 'let's go for a drink'," she says. 

Habit Stacking


She also swears by "habit stacking," a method where you keep adding healthy habits. "For example, I'll call my assistant and have a brainstorm while I'm walking. Or, when I'm in the sauna, I have my legs up the wall which really drains the fluid from them. I'm trying to always make my time as efficient as possible," she says. 

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Intermittent Fasting


"I don't purposefully intermittent fast, but I generally don't get hungry until about 10:30am when I will make either a smoothie bowl with spirulina or a protein shake using Form Nutrition protein powder. It's delicious!" she says. For lunch she has a salad with tofu, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, edamame beans and a miso dressing. "A focus of mine is upping my protein and fiber," she says. "For dinner, I have something like fish with vegetables and rice, sweet potato, quinoa or pasta. I love pasta – it would definitely feature in my last meal!" She also enjoys dark chocolate, red wine, and Margaritas, "­which I order without salt and sugar. I don't crave refined sugar; but I might make some sweet potato brownies or some protein balls for snacks. I noticed that my cravings really went down when increasing my protein intake – it definitely has a direct effect," she adds. "Essentially, I just want foods that nourish and fuel my body. I see it almost like a mechanical system; you have to put in good to get out good."

💪🔥Body Booster: If you are having trouble achieving your goals, consider starting an accountability group with friends, where you can share updates on your progress. 

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