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I Am a Celebrity Pilates Instructor and Here Is Everything I Eat in a Day

Meet the woman responsible for honing Gisele and Kelly Rowland’s Pilates bodies.
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Who do celebrities turn to when they want to achieve the ultimate Pilates body? Nonna Gleyzer (@thebodybynonna), is a Los Angeles based Pilates pro, whose client list includes Gisele Bundchen, Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington, and Emma Roberts. The Body Network recently talked to the celebrity trainer to get all the details about her own approach to fitness – including everything she eats and drinks and the supplements she takes.

Moderation Is Key, She Says

Nonna Gleyzer

Gleyzer's overall approach: Moderation is key. "I believe everything should be taken in moderation and as much as we want to look good and try to eat clean, it's equally important to treat yourself with yummy foods that bring vitality, joy, and hormones to the body and mind," she explains to us. "I keep my diet very simple."

She Drinks Water Every Morning

Nonna Gleyzer

She starts the day with a big glass of water. "It helps with hydration, is great for digestion, promotes smooth bowel movement and is great for metabolism and detoxifications," she says, adding that she doesn't put any lemon in it. "I usually hydrate myself before a meal, but I do not drink water during and after my meal," she adds. Water dilutes stomach acid and it becomes hard for the digestion to digest the food," she says. 

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30 Minutes After, She Has Breakfast

Nonna Gleyzer

She waits "about 20-30 minutes after I drink the water and then have breakfast," says Gleyzer. Her usual breakfast is two hard boiled eggs with some steamed spinach. "I put some high quality olive oil, a few brown rice crackers and almond butter," she says. "I believe having lots of good fats and protein in the morning gets your system ready and gives energy for the whole day." If she's in a rush, she will make herself a vegan protein shake with lots of berries, bananas and almond milk."

Lunch Is Protein with Greens and Soup

Nonna Gleyzer

Lunch is usually a big salad with lots of different greens and a side of protein like grilled chicken or turkey. "I also try to have some kind of soup for lunch. It can be any kind of vegan soup, or chicken soup broth. It feels good to have some water in the body in the middle of the day. It helps to digest the protein too," she says. It also helps her feel more full and keeps her satiated until dinner.  

Dinner Is Similar

Nonna Gleyzer

Her dinner is simple and similar to her lunch. "It usually contains some kind of protein, lots of greens and soup," she says. 

She Indulges When She Eats Out

Nonna Gleyzer

When she eats out she allows herself whatever she's craving. "I do not limit myself. So good pasta, pizza and a yummy dessert is something I do a few times per week as I love Italian food," she says. She also loves sushi and miso soup, although "miso is high in sodium, it's filled with good minerals, probiotics, and is so yummy."

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Evening Treat

Nonna Gleyzer

"I also have a dark chocolate almond every around 3 to4pm with a cup of passion flower or chamomile tea," she says. "Studies suggest that passionflower works by increasing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA is a naturally-occurring amino acid that reduces activity in the central nervous system." Chamomile is full of antioxidants, which "help combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation," hse says. "It's very calming and it feels good to have it at the end of the day to calm the nervous symptoms down." Dark chocolate is "my happy food" she adds.  

She Takes These Supplements

Nonna Gleyzer

She also takes a bunch of supplements, starting with bromelain and quercetin, which she has first thing in the morning with a glass of warm water. She explains that bromelain "has a long history of use by herbalists and is known to support immune systems as well as digestive systems as well as good for the joints and inflammation," while quercetin offer anti-microbial properties, "has a rapid metabolism and is excreted without accumulation in the body." She also takes bromeliad with every meal that contains protein, as it helps digest protein and aids in inflammation, she says. She also takes cod liver oil gels, "every morning after breakfast and another one after lunch" to help with heart health, nerve pain, and immune support. She takes biotin, vitamins D3 and K2, Omega 3, MCT Oil, Vitamin C, and beef gelatin. "Beef gelatin is high in proline and glycine, which has been shown to help joint health, immune system and production of collagen. Furthermore, beef gelatin powder benefits our hair and nails as well, which also rely on collagen to promote growth and a healthy appearance" she says. "I take one scoop in the glass of water every morning and before I go to sleep. It helps with relaxation of the nervous system and improves sleep too." 

She Follows This Food Rule

Nonna Gleyzer

Nonna also follows a food rule. "When I have protein I have it only with vegetables," she says. "I do the same with carbs. Any kind of carb I only eat with veggies but never with protein," she says. "Fruit should be eaten on its own too and preferably an hour later after a meal regardless if it was protein and veg or carbs with vegetables or before meals (due to the fact it is fast digesting)." Healthy fats like avocado are neutral and can be paired with most foods, she says. 

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She Avoids Nightshade Vegetables

Nonna Gleyzer

She also tries to stay away from nightshade vegetables, "like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant," she says. "They are very acidic and create inflammation in the body." However, once in a while she will indulge in tomatoes. 

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