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I Lost 100 Pounds With These Healthy Habits

Jarred Curcio weighed nearly 300 pounds before making some simple changes to his life. 
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At the age of 19, Jarred Curcio, Owner at  TRUE Fitness & Focus, stood at 5 '8' and weighed nearly 300 lbs. "I was extremely overweight," he tells The Body Network. However, by his 21st birthday, he was a natural bodybuilding champion competing at 175lbs. Fifteen years later, he has "stayed consistent at 200lbs – mostly muscle mass. I have a 6-pack, I squat 550 lbs, and can deadlift 600 lbs." Here is exactly how he transformed his life and got started on his health journey, which resulted in a 125-pound weight loss – and how he has maintained it throughout the years. 

Weight Loss Transformed His Life


Jarred explains that physical fitness has been a huge part of his life since his weight loss journey. "I can honestly say I never missed a workout in that time," he tells us. He uses the principles he learned in the gym – discipline, consistency, resilience, doing the hard things, "even when you don't want to – and applies them to other areas of his life, including his career and relationships. "This has allowed me to be successful in every area of my life," he says. "I graduated college summa cum laude and completed Penn State Law School toward the top of my class. I have had a very fruitful and rewarding career in sales leadership since 2013. And I am married to my high school sweetheart of 19 years – who also had a weight loss journey of her own at the same time. Our relationship could not be stronger!"

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He Believes Mental and Physical Health Go Hand-in-Hand


Jarred believes that mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. "I am a believer that there is an opportunity to get the average person to a state of mental fitness or mental performance," he says. "This would mean not simply eliminating anxiety or depression, but building skills and abilities to help committed individuals thrive on a day-to-day basis." His own weight loss journey was the primer for this belief and lifestyle shift. 

Now, He Wants to Help Others


This is why he is embarking on a career to help others. "I have developed my philosophy and programming continuously over the past 15 years. Now, I feel I have enough of a grasp to provide immense value to others and help them accomplish the same successes that I have," he says. "I am a believer that learning discipline offers the greatest freedom possible as it instills a sense of agency in a person. I have developed a system for building habits and cultivating discipline that includes physical workouts, but goes far beyond that. My system includes mindfulness practices like meditation and stoic habits like demonstrating gratitude."

His Top 5 Exercises


Jarred's top 5 exercises are deadlift, squat, kettlebell swings, pullups, and military press. "These exercises are big compound movements that require the use of major muscle groups. These are basic yet critical movements that help build significant muscle and strength, if performed properly," he says. "The more body parts you move, the more calories you burn. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. The more weight you move, the more calories you burn. So these exercises will not only make you more muscular and stronger, but they will also burn fat and improve athletic capacity across a range of activities or sports."

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Here Is His Daily Diet

Grilled top sirloin or cup rump beef meat steak on marble board. Black background. Top view

"I eat an animal based diet, which means I prioritize animal proteins (beef, chicken, eggs, etc.) as a primary factor in my meals," Jarred explains. The next highest priority in his diet is eating natural healthy fats, "most of which also come from animals, including butter, milk, and Greek or Icelandic yogurt," he says. "I feel carbs are important but can be easily overeaten. When it comes to carbs, I mostly stick to fruit (almost any fruit will do), white rice, and potatoes." He also eats vegetables, "but quite sparingly," he says. "I keep my vegetable consumption to about twice per week," he also avoids most processed foods, seed oils, and refined sugars. "Whole, organic foods are always going to be the best options." He warns that "sugar is snuck into so much of the food we eat that we have to be on the lookout."

His #1 Tip

Jarred Curcio

"My #1 tip is to find a realistic process (diet and exercise) that works for you, but should also challenge you. No change comes without discomfort," says Jarred. "Once you find the plan, STICK TO IT NO MATTER WHAT! No excuse should be enough to break from the plan. If you do that, the results are guaranteed. "Once you get the results, you'll never want to go back."

One Fitness Myth, Busted


The biggest fitness myth, according to Jarred? "You cannot spot reduce,'' he says. "For example, some people think if you do a bunch of sit ups, you will get 6-pack abs. But abs are revealed when you lose fat. Losing fat comes from a calorie deficit, and diet is CRITICAL to that. So sit ups can burn calories, and can strengthen ab muscles, but will not get you a 6-pack on their own."

He Takes Supplements


Here is Jarred's list of supplements:

Multivitamin – The classic all-in-one supplement

Omega-3 – Critical for heart health

Desiccated Beef Liver – Alpha shit

ZMA – Zinc and Magnesium before bed for great sleep and recovery

Glutamine – Amino Acid found in red meat. Outstanding for post workout recovery.

Creatine – Super amino acid that helps grow muscle and helps with brain health

BCAAs – Branched chain amino acids are critical to recovery.

Alpha-Jym – Great testosterone booster w/ ashwagandha & fenugreek

Tribulus – Testosterone booster

DHEA – Testosterone booster

Longjack (Tongat Ali) – Testosterone booster and sexual health

Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory

Vitamin B – Metabolism & Energy

Vitamin D – All around immunity and bone health

Spirulina – Blue green algae with tons of micronutrients and health benefits

CLA – Helps with metabolism and body composition (non-stimulant fat burning)

Zinc – Immune support

Glucosamine – Joint health

Potassium – Water regulation

Taurine – Nervous system function

Biotin – Hair, nails, skin

DIM – Balances estrogen naturally

Here Is How He Measures Progress

Jarred Curcio

Jarred measures his progress by how he feels in the day, his "energy levels, mental clarity, how my body moves at the gym, how I look in the mirror, and how I fit in my clothes," he says. When he feels bad about his body he takes action and checks his diet to see if he has been taking in more calories lately than typical and adjusts accordingly.

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His Final Piece of Advice? Know Your Why

Jarred Curcio

His final piece of advice? "Know your 'WHY,'" he says. "If you know WHY you are starting, it's the key to staying consistent and disciplined." If you need motivation, remind yourself of your goals, and "visualize and manifest" them. "The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. If your body isn't physically healthy, you can't expect your mind to be healthy. If your mind isn't healthy, you make worse decisions. Worst decisions lead to a worse quality of life. A healthy body is the foundation for a happy life."

💪🔥Body Booster: Ask yourself: Why do you want to get into shape? By understanding the Why, you are more likely to stay motivated on your health journey. 

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