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I Lost 60 Pounds With Help From Yoga and These Other Workouts

Here are the exercises that helped her lose so much weight.
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Shawndra Sublett, Lead Teacher, YogaSix DTC, is a yoga instructor on a mission: To help other people become the best version of themselves while reaping the mental and physical health benefits of yoga. She herself lost a whopping 60 pounds by combining yoga with other workouts. "For me, the hardest part of my fitness routine is keeping it a priority. It is easy to make excuses, to get too busy, or to not have the energy to keep up with it," she tells The Body Network. One of her main tools? She keeps her goals "small and achievable" and doesn't beat herself up if she misses a workout. "Find a way to implement workouts with friends, try new activities that involve movement, get out of your comfort zone and make it an activity that's enjoyable instead of something to check off your list," she says. Here are some of the workouts that helped her achieve her weight loss goals. 

She Has a "Hybrid Workout Routine"

Shawndra Sublett

Shawndra doesn't rely on a single workout to keep her mentally and physically fit. "I have come to love a hybrid exercise routine! I think that variety in your fitness is key to success," she tells us. 

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Strength and Weight Training


"Outside of my daily routine, I have found tremendous benefit from implementing a weight lifting routine three times a week," she says. "This helps keep up my overall strength and has supported my day to day functionality overall." Her exercises included shoulder presses, to "build overall shoulder size and development," side lateral raises to make her waistline smaller, body weight squats, and "effective" move that "can be done anywhere and work the entire body and so many variations," and planks, which also "can be done anywhere, target the entire body, strengthens the core" and can be done in "so many variations."

Hot or Power Yoga

Shawndra Sublett

She also takes a hot or power yoga class "to jumpstart my day, regulate my mood, set my mind up, and increase my overall heart health," says Shawndra


Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forest

Shawndra also gets her steps in. "It is a critical component for me to get outside and walk my dog a couple miles at lunch daily. This helps break the day, allows time for fresh air and sunshine and is a mood boost mid-day," she says. 

Deep Stretch

Silhouette of a fitness woman profile stretching at sunrise with the sun in the background

Shawndra makes sure to stretch. "To counter the energy, I implement a deep stretch routine (often times with red-light therapy) to slow down, recenter myself, and release any mental and physical stress I've accumulated throughout the day," she says. 

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Adding New Fitness Activities a Few Times a Month

Shawndra Sublett

In addition to these exercises, Shawndra "loves" implementing a new fitness activity two to three per month, "hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, you name it, I'm there," she says. "As an adventure seeker myself, I find so much joy in learning new things and pushing my limits. Exercise is a gift! I've cultivated a life around fitness, mobility, and movement. Keep it fun!"

💪🔥Body Booster: In addition to your gym workouts and other regular exercise routines, try incorporating a few new calorie blasting activities into your routine to keep things fresh and exciting.

Shawndra is passionate about bringing her offerings to the community and stands as a reminder that ANYONE can achieve their goals with the right support system. Mention this article and join her for a FREE class as her guest at YogaSix DTC.

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