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How I Lost 44 Pounds in Over 3 Months by Making These 10 Changes

Talia Fawaz dropped 15 pounds per month after incorporating these healthy habits.
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Do you want to lose 44 pounds in three months? It may be as simple as incorporating some healthy habits into your lifestyle. Talia Fawaz is a social media influencer who boasts over 147,000 followers on Instagram, sharing about everything from her lifestyle to how she stays in shape. She recently posted a viral video about her weight loss, revealing how she lost an average of nearly 15 pounds per month. Here are ten changes she made to her lifestyle to lose weight.

I Focused on Changing My Diet

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"First things first is food," Talia says in the video. "I feel like food is actually super obvious." She explains that if you don't eat well and expect to lose weight, "it's not gonna happen." She adds that she started losing weight by eating healthier.

It's also "really important to know what you're eating, so I would definitely recommend eating at home and cutting out the outside food," she says. "I wouldn't say cut it out completely, eat like once in a week, something you like from out, but most importantly is like eating at home because I feel like you really know what's in your food and I feel like, it's like a less likely chance that there are some ingredients there that you don't know that could be like stopping you from your weight loss goals."

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I Implemented Volume Eating


Another one of her tricks? "I did a lot of volume eating," says Talia. "I ate a lot of broccoli," she continued. "I had a lot of salads, I had a lot of spinach, I had a lot of lettuce, cauliflower, and so many vegetables that will actually keep me full for a long time."

I Amped Up My Protein Intake

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She also amped up protein, consuming it "with each and every dish of mine," she says. "Sea bass fish, broccoli, and a salad would be like my lunch. Like that was a truly a daily thing, and I actually enjoyed it so much." She recommends pairing a protein with "just volume, volume fruits if that makes sense."

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I Practiced Self-Discipline

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"Commitment and self-discipline" are also key, she says. "A lot of people ask me, 'How are you motivated?'" she says. "Like it's literally a war in your head." But instead of saying that you will start tomorrow, you have to be unwilling to give up.

I Maintained a Positive Mindset

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You also need a "positive mindset" towards weight loss. This might involve not listening to your head, or if you do, and decide you want McDonald's, get back on track the next day without beating yourself up.

I Had a Balanced Approach

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It's also important to have "a balance," says Talia. "So it would be more like a lifestyle thing rather than a diet for a short period of time." You can't have the mindset where you diet for a month and then eat whatever you want. "You have to make it like a lifestyle change."

I Exercised

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She also started working out. "I did not have access to a gym like when I was trying to lose weight. So I would literally jog around my compound, jog around my area for about an hour or 30 minutes, and it was actually really fun. It wasn't like sprinting or jogging; it was usually like light jogging," she revealed. She recommends 30 minutes of exercise a day to "slowly progress towards your goals."

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I Made It a Lifestyle Change

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She emphasizes the importance of making it "more of a lifestyle change" and not being overly restrictive. "Just don't, don't restrict yourself and make it more of a lifestyle thing than a temporary thing because that's the only way it's gonna work."

Finally, "Make this a fun journey," she says. "You know, I feel like cooking is so therapeutic, so make it fun. If you want a cake, make it a healthy cake. If you want pizza, make it healthy pizza. All the recipes are all online."

💪🔥Body Booster: Eat plenty of low-calorie, high-volume foods like broccoli, salads, spinach, lettuce, and cauliflower to feel full for longer. These vegetables are great for weight loss as they keep you satisfied without adding many calories to your diet.

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