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Fitness Expert Wows With Their Abs And Shares Their Proven Routine

This workout is responsible for one influencer’s abs.
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Beca Michie (@becamichie) is a model and fitness influencer who shares about everything from makeup tutorials to diet and fitness tips. In one of their many viral videos they showed off their tiny waistline and flat abs in their workout clothes, revealing the ab workout that keeps their midsection small. "Hi beautiful human beings. It's snowing outside today, so I'm going to show you guys my at-home routine," the influencer says. The Body Network also consulted Kendra Gamble, HIT Fitness Training, Huntingdon Valley, PA, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant to weigh in the workout.


@becamichie Replying to @essencewanderingspirit 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️my updated quick home ab workout routine!🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ #abworkouts #abroutine #modelworkout #workoutroutine ♬ kill bill – instrumental – no/vox & karaokey & Tazzy

Their routine starts with a 60-second plank. "Make sure your butt is down, your back is straight, and your core is tight," she says. She follows that up with side planks, doing 60 seconds on each side. "I don't recommend the average person to do a minute plank and then a minute each of side planks back to back," says Gamble. "That's something that needs to be worked up to because planks are difficult."

Toe Taps, Crunches, Cherry Pickers


Next, they do 20 toe taps. "That's how you get the upper abs," they tell their followers. Next up, 10 "slow" shoulder taps. They then do 20 reach-between crunches, "another 10 shoulder taps," 40 cherry pickers, and "another 10 shoulder taps." They add: "I just make sure I do three sets during the whole routine, but you can put them in or incorporate them at any point."  In case you have never heard of cherry pickers, Gamble maintains they are the same thing as Russian twists. 

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Spider Walks


Their workout isn't done yet. Spider walks are next. "Try to do 20 on each side for spiders. You're just trying to get your feet next to your hands. These are really effective. Oh my God," they exclaim. Gamble points out that these are "more of a full body stretch and less of a core workout." 

Mermaids, AKA Side Crunches


Their last exercise is a Pilates-inspired move, mermaids. "These ones you guys know are my favorites. This is how you get the two abs in the lower stomach that are really, really hard to get," they say. (Mermaids are actually just side crunches, says Gamble. 

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An Expert Says: This Is Not a Beginners Workout!


"Overall I think this is a decent at home core routine that you can do if you don't have time or access to the gym, but I think the volume is a bit much especially for a beginner."

💪🔥Body Booster: Be careful before trying a workout that you find online, especially if you are a beginner. Attempting workouts outside of your fitness level could result in injury. 

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