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Krissy Cela Shares Her Workout For a Chiseled Midsection

Here are her lifestyle habits and the workout responsible for her fit figure.
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Krissy Cela is making a case for weightlifting – showing off her tiny waist. In a new social media post the fitness influencer and co-founder of EvolveYou draws attention to her chiseled midsection and reveals the workout responsible for it. "I understand fitness trends come and go… I get you've been told by many people on viral videos to stop lifting heavy because it's not feminine and maybe you've even been told the gym isn't a fashion show," she writes. "Hate to break it to you but if you want longevity in your health lifting weights is important, sure it gives you muscles but it's beneficial for your overall health! And not to mention what it does for your mind." Her followers went wild. "Yes, preach it girl! Break those stereotypes. Because who says lifting can't be both empowering and fashionable, right? 🔥" commented fellow fitness influencer Alexia Clark. "You look so damn good🔥🔥🔥" added Victoria Loza. What is the exact workout responsible for Krissy's amazing body and what other health habits keep her fit? Here is everything you need to know. 

This Is Her Workout

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Here is her strength training workout:

✅ bent over rows

✅ single arm rows

✅ Latt pull down

✅ closed grip pull down

✅ flies (didn't record forgot)

✅ curls for the girls

Early Riser


Krissy is an early riserI tend to wake up at around half five or six. The reason I wake up so early, it sounds ridiculous, but it helps me do everything I need to do for myself before I can give myself to everybody else. I have this concept where it's all fair and well doing things for the people we love, but if we're not taking some time out for ourselves, to check in or be productive, we'll constantly feel bottom of the list. So I wake up, half five or six o'clock," she told Closer

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Coffee, Preworkout, Supplements

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"The first thing I do is brush my teeth and get ready for the gym. Don't think twice, I just put my workout gear on," Krissy says about her morning routine. "Then I'll drink my coffee or have my pre-workout." She "loves" the pre-workout drink, "because I'm a caffeine addict," she confesses. Probiotic pills help her digestion and hormones. "I have also started using collagen in my coffee now, it really helps me kickstart my day," she adds. 

Moving Her Body


"Firstly, moving my body is a big big thing. I have to always move my body," Krissy revealed. "I'm either working out in my little home gym or I am going to the gym and I'll train for one hour, tops."

Protein Shakes

Close up of women with measuring scoop of whey protein and shaker bottle, preparing protein shake.

"So for me, every single day I have protein shakes, it's just convenient. It's a great way for me to up my protein intake, but it's something I don't rely on. Food is key. Protein shakes are a step up from what you already have, so if you don't have a healthy diet or consistent training routine, then you can't expect it to do what it's supposed to do," she adds to Closer.

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Her Body Changes

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Krissy recently shared side-by-sider of her "leaner" body in May 2023 and now, revealing she is "SO much happier now" even though she weighs more. "I'm learning more and more that when you might not be as consistent with your journey or when you've taken a break it does NOT mean you have 'fallen off' or that you need to 'get back on track' I used to think this way all the time and now I realise I've always been on track, it's just my track is taking me on a new journey that's all," she continues in the post. "I still love moving, I love lifting, I love cooking meals and eating well. I may not have as viable abs or be as lean but I'm soooo much happier, have so much more longevity and honestly I just feel good. Not to mention what my body has been through to even stand strong today. So here is your reminder that during your journey your body will fluctuate, your routine will change and your body will look different so embrace it, keep moving, keep showing up and just take your time with it all! No rush it's about doing this thing called fitness forever not a quick fix. Just enjoy life and I promise you visible abs does not always equal health and happiness."

💪🔥Body Booster: Strength and weight training will not make you "big" if you do the right exercises and fuel your body with lean and healthy food.

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