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Quick Home HIIT Workout Exercises to Get Your Body in Perfect Shape

A trainer reveals an easy HIIT circuit to do at home.
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HIgh intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular fitness method for a good reason: It is time effective and it works. There is lots of research backing up the benefits of HIIT workouts, including body fat reduction, improved cardiovascular function, and mental health. "Forget steady-state cardio. If you want to see the results of your workouts yesterday and feel them working at the moment, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is for you," trainer Nikolai Puchlov, owner and head coach at Pro Kettlebell, tells The Body Network. There's one major caveat: "If you don't pair the right exercise with the right timing, you won't get a meaningful result," he says. 

Here Is His "Go-To HIIT Formula"

Nikolai Puchlov

You don't need to hire a personal trainer or go to a fancy gym to learn how to execute an effective HIIT circuit. Nikolai suggests using his "go-to HIIT formula': Tabata timing (8 sets of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest) and alternating two different exercises. "Thus it becomes 4 rounds plus low risk power exercises, which equals effectiveness," he says. 

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Here Are the Types of Exercises You Should Do


What type of exercises should you do? While that is up to you, he prefers "pairing kettlebell exercises or kettlebell exercises with bodyweight exercises in tabata format," he says. 

And, Some More

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"Fan favorite examples are kettlebell swings and push ups, jump squats and kettlebell situp, goblet squats and plank jacks, kettlebell snatches, but only "for experienced/advanced kettlebell users," and thrusters.

The Combos Work Because They Offer Increased Intensity Without Increased Risk


What makes the combinations of them work? "They offer increased intensity without increased risk," he explains. 

Final Tip

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He offers one final tip. "It's important to move as quickly as possible with perfect form throughout these exercises, and max out on pace before stepping up the intensity with increased weight," he says. 

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Why Kettlebells?


Why are kettlebells great? Nikolai points out that they are versatile, compact, and transportable. "Kettlebells are used in military, law enforcement,  first responders and just about anywhere a strength/cardio workout is needed. Aside from being the highest quality kettlebells in the world, Pro Kettlebell also has hundreds of workouts that range five minutes to one hour as well as low, med and high intensity." If you enjoyed this article, don't miss 5 Cardio Workouts That Are Better Than Running.

💪🔥Body Booster: Keep your HIIT circuit simple but effective (and risk-free) by pairing bodyweight and weighted exercises together. 

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