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I Lost 75 Pounds By Walking, Swimming, and Ditching Processed Foods

Here is everything Sharon Schwartz did to go from 200 to 112 pounds.
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Sharon Schwartz, 61, struggled with obesity her entire life, with her weight yo-yoing between 154-175 lbs. After being diagnosed with prediabetes in 2022 and topping the scales at 200 pounds, the nurse anesthetist took charge of her life and changed one thing – everything. With the help of Mounjaro and an overhaul of her diet and exercise routine, she dropped down to 112 pounds. "I was bullied and fat shamed for many years. I even lost the job of my dreams because I was short and curly haired and heavy – the man interviewing me told me this," she tells The Body Network. Here is her story and everything she did to lose weight. 

Mounjaro Changed Her Life

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After struggling to lose weight on her own for many years, Sharon sought the help of medical professionals and started taking Mounjaro. "This is the kind of care that obese people like me have dreamed of, have fought for. Before, the last time I tried to lose weight, I was running 7 miles/day, and I realize now that I ran to prove to myself I was still worthy."



Walking is Sharon's go-to form of fitness. "I enjoy sightseeing while exercising. Love getting steps in!" she says. She also enjoys walking in the sand, because it "builds muscle" and is a "great excuse to be at the beach!"


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Another workout that helped Sharon lose weight was swimming. "Your whole body gets a workout!" she says. She also treads water with ankle fins, providing "great resistance for glutes and thighs."

Lifting Heavy Ropes

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Sharon also says that "lifting heavy ropes," is an effective workout and helped her get in shape. "It is great for shoulders," she says. 

Here Is What She Eats in a Day


Sharon, a pescatarian, aims for 20 grams of carbs per meal. "Breakfast is usually Kodiak Cakes pancake and a hard boiled egg. I add peanut butter to the pancake," she says. Lunch is a low carb wrap with cheese or tuna salad and sliced veggies. "Nuts are often my go-to snack," she adds. For dinner she has a low-carb homemade pizza, piece of fish, baked tofu, Impossible Burger, tofu fried riced cauliflower, or salad. And, for dessert she eats an Atkins bar. "Double chocolate brownie is my favorite!" she exclaims.

She also drinks a Fairlife low carb protein shake in between breakfast and lunch. "Meeting my daily protein needs of 60gms/day is difficult otherwise," she says.  Every once in a while, she has a very small piece of homemade sourdough bread. "Baking is my hobby and a great way to meet people and make new friends!" In general, she has eliminated white bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes from her diet. "No empty calories or high carb desserts. No food without a purpose (mindless snacking)," she adds. 

Weight Loss Buddies


One of Sharon's biggest tips is to find a weight loss buddy. "Do it with a friend," she says. "Hold each other accountable. Find a friend or colleague and ask them to join you."

Ask for Outside Help

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Also, don't be afraid to ask for help. "I used Hello Alpha's program for nutritional and emotional encouragement," she says. "Get help from a nutritionist and a women's health practice like Hello Alpha for shots. They stop the constant thinking about food. Set short, easily reachable goals."

Reward Yourself

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She also recommends rewarding yourself for reaching your goals with clothing instead of food. "For reaching a big goal, treat yourself to a spa day, massage, or makeover. Something you wouldn't ordinarily do," she suggests. 

She Hopes Weight Loss Injections Will Become More Common

Santiago, Chile, august 16th, 2023. Pen injection of semaglutide named

Sharon is a big fan of weight loss injections. "Weight loss injections are becoming more accepted for conditions other than obesity. It is my hope that insurance companies will see them more as a gold standard rather than as an outlier and improve coverage of them!" she says. 

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Now, She's Working As a Model

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Sharon feels like the healthiest version of herself. "It's so common for obese folks to feel that we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not enough. Now, 6 months later my life has changed. I'm more confident with myself and working as a model!" she tells us. 

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