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Shaina Marie Shares the "Standing Abs" Workout Responsible for Her Six-Pack

Here is what you need to know about the workout and her other lifestyle habits.
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Shaina Fata, aka Shaina Marie, is a fitness trainer-slash-yoga instructor and social media influencer. She regularly shares her workouts on social media, many of which can be done at home with very little equipment. She recently reshared one of her most popular workouts of all time – a standing abs workout that only requires a dumbbell. "An oldie but for sure a goodie," she writes in the caption. Here is everything you need to know about the workout and some of her other go-to lifestyle habits. 

Standing Ab Workouts Give Your Wrists and Back "A Little Break"


Standing ab workouts are great alternatives to laying on the ground or planking. "These standing workouts are a great way to give your wrists and back a little break 👌🏾. To be clear, standing does not mean easy 😝. Try this one out and see how your core feels!" she writes. 

Here Is the Workout

"Do this workout for 40 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, 3 full rounds," she says, noting that she is using a 20-pound dumbbell. 

  1. DB Oblique Crunches (40 sec per side)
  2. OH Hold Marches (40 sec per side)
  3. Forward DB Raise Squat
  4. Standing Bicycles


Shaina is also trained in yoga, calling the exercise one of her "secrets" to having a steady fitness routine. "I've found that incorporating a variety of fitness groups into my life has allowed me to not only branch outside my comfort zone, but to build muscle or work areas that may not be accessed by just doing one form of fitness. Right now I enjoy HIIT or Plyometrics workouts, along with my yoga practice, sometimes barre classes, and I've recently been trying to add running a couple times a week to my routine. I don't plan things out every day. I just pay attention to how my body feels and decide what would be best for it that day. Today I felt sore and tight, so I chose yoga this morning," she says. 

Intuitive Eating

Shaina practices intuitive eating, having a "firm belief that what we eat is completely individual and unique to each and every one of us," she wrote in an Instagram post. "However, I do think there are many food groups that could be incorporated in to 'diets' that are important and necessary for living as healthy as can be. Although almost all of my eating now is completely intuitive, I do stick to certain foods and eating habits that make me feel good." 

Here Is What She Eats in a Week

Cinematic close up shot of mature farmer's hands showing heap of fresh raw potatoes harvested at the moment on countryside agricultural bio and eco farming cultivation field garden.

Here is a list of foods she eats during an average week:

  • Grains (rice, quinoa, wheat/whole grain bread, oats)
  • Beans (black, garbanzo, pinto)
  • Major Proteins (eggs, tofu, tempeh, beans, quinoa, nut butter, veggies, occasional fish and/or chicken, collagen peptides)
  • Vegetables – all of them are up for grabs but I do have my favorites (zucchini, yellow squash, onion, tomato, mushroom, bell peppers, cucumber, kale, spinach, tomato, squash, eggplant, carrots, and celery)
  • Starch (potato- pretty much any kind but I'm a big fan of sweet potato!)
  • Fruit – I don't eat too much fruit! But when I do… (avocado, apples, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, blueberries, jackfruit, papaya, mango)
  • Others – veggie burgers, lentils, pasta (just tomato-based sauces), salsa, hot sauce.

Here Is What She Eats in a Day

Avocado toast with poached egg on a wooden board. Breakfast concept.

"On a typical day, my eating would probably go something similar to this: Breakfast – avocado toast w/ tomato and an egg. Lunch – leftovers or simple cooked veggie wrap w/ rice and a protein. Dinner – Cooked veggies, rice, beans (or other protein) with sweet potato and coconut aminos to top. If I'm feeling really hungry I'll add a little more bread or potato to my diet," she added in the post. "And the most important part: SNACKS 🤪. For those I love my kettle chips, popcorn, seaweed, dried fruits, potstickers, egg rolls, and maybe some babybel cheese."

💪🔥Body Booster: If you are sick of doing crunches and planks, try doing a standing ab workout. It is just as effective!

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