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I Lost 100 Pounds in 12 Months With These 6 Steps

This woman is an inspiration.
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TikTok influencer Liza (@lizamarie_fit) lost 140 pounds and kept it off—and she lost the first 100 pounds without setting foot in a gym. So how did she not only lose the weight but maintain it three years later and counting? Liza made two simple lifestyle changes that led to 40 pounds being lost in the first couple of months alone—here's exactly how she did it.

She Walked Every Day

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Liza started walking every single day, before getting an activity tracker and making sure she was hitting at least 10k steps a month. "Every single night I would walk anything from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, sometimes an hour with my best friend. And I did that for two months," she says. "That is the first time I ever saw a chunk of weight go down."

No More Junk Food

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Liza cut out junk food and started eating at home. "I was eating the majority of meals at home and I was walking every day," she says. Studies show people who cook and eat at home tend to make healthier choices.

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Calorie Deficit

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Thanks to Liza's walking and diet, she had a calorie deficit, which is crucial to weight loss. "It's the secret sauce for weight loss," she says. "When it comes down to losing weight, it doesn't need to be that complicated."

Working Out


Liza started working out a couple of months into her weight loss journey, excited by the progress she was making. "I would do around two to three at-home workouts a week," she says. "Which is why I love all my 'shy girl' workouts that I share, just to prove to women that you don't need a crazy gym membership. You don't need to be doing the craziest workouts to see results."

Tracking Macros

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Liza started tracking the carbs, fat, and protein in her food after she lost 80 pounds and wanted to learn more about nutrition. "I was like let's hop on the train, let's take this even further," she says. "I'm still weighing a lot, I'm still in the 200s, and I want to get to one-derland."

Protein Goals

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Liza focused on maintaining her calorie deficit and hitting her protein goals. "I was trying really hard to hit my protein goal and I was trying really hard to stay within my calorie deficit but I was not perfect," she says. "There were days when I went over a bit, there were days I went under a bit."

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Realistic Goals


Liza wasn't hard on herself during her weight loss journey. "If you are striving for perfection you are setting yourself up for failure," she says. "Doing little things one by one over time and not giving up is what got me here today."

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