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7 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere to Drop Pounds

All you need are shoes.
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Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get strong and encourage weight loss. "All exercise is beneficial. But even stacked up against other types of workouts, body-weight exercise has a lot to offer," says Harvard Health. "Not only does it provide an excellent work­out, but it can also help you overcome some common excuses for avoiding exercise, like 'I don't have time to go to the gym' and 'I don't have space for a stationary bike at home.' All you have to do is move your body." Here are 7 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.



Planks will let you feel the burn wherever you are! "You can do it anywhere," exercise physiologist Katie Lawton, MEd, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "Plank exercises generally strengthen your ability to brace your abdominals. Planks can also activate other related muscles, such as your glutes (muscles in your buttocks), hamstrings (muscles in the backs of your thighs) and lower back."

Side Lunges

Runner woman stretching legs with lunge hamstring stretch exercise leg stretches. Fitness female athlete relaxing on beach doing a warm-up before her strength training cardio workout.

Side lunges are good for working the lower body. "Side lunges are a very important lower body movement that works multiple muscle groups," NASM-certified personal trainer and CEO of Power 8, Ocho, tells Nike. "They work your quads, abductors, glutes and hamstrings."

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Squats are a great exercise you can randomly do throughout the day. "It's probably the most functional exercise," exercise physiologist Joel Hardwick, ACSM EP-C, EIM2, tells Piedmont Health. "And the one that you probably need most in your life. One of the best things you can do is practice the squat."



Pushups are quick, effective, and can be done in a small space. "How many you can do at one time offers a real-time measurement of your strength and muscular endurance and is an easy tool to help you improve," Dr. Edward Phillips, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, tells Harvard Health. "You can do them anywhere and at any time. All you need is your body weight and a few minutes."


Horizontal wide shot of sporty young man and woman exercising in morning in loft living room at home

Burpees are hard but worth it! Combining cardio and strength training that gets your heart rate going (tough but so effective), burpees will help torch calories and encourage weight loss. The best part? You can do them anywhere.

Calf Raise

Dedicated anonymous man at the gym setting does calf raises on a weight-loaded machine with plates, focusing on lower body strength.

Calf raises are good for helping burn excess fat as the move hits so many different muscle groups. Strong calves impact other exercises such as running, and you don't need any special equipment. Try adding them to your workout routine!

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Mountain Climbers

Muscular Athletic Fit Man in T-shirt and Shorts Energetically Starts Doing Mountain Climber Exercises at Home in His Spacious and Bright Apartment with Modern Interior.

Mountain climbers are a great core exercise you can do anywhere. "[The move is a] great way to engage your core, and train your body to maintain strong form in plank position, similar to the form you want when running," Kellie Williams, NASM-certified personal trainer and Barry's instructor tells Runner's World.

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