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I Lost 130 Pounds and Here's My Proven Weight Loss Advice For You

Joan Henning lost an entire person by incorporating a few healthy habits into her life. 
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If you have over 100 pounds to lose, it can seem like a helpless task. However, getting inspiration from other weight loss warriors is a great reminder that yes, you can do it too.  In 2019 Joan Henning hit her peak weight, tipping the scales at 348 pounds. She went on to lose a whopping 130 pounds – an entire person – and isn't done yet. In a new interview with Body Network, she tells her story and reveals a few of the core health habits that have helped her become the healthiest version of herself. 


Joan Hit Rock Bottom


In 2019, Joan hit rock bottom. After battling thyroid cancer and grief depression following the loss of loved ones, she was diagnosed with borderline prediabetes and high blood pressure. Instead of going on insulin, Joan tried Metformin for six months. It helped her lose weight and get her A1C down. 

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Then, she made a few major dietary changes. " I was able to start keto," she says, adding that was on the low carb diet for "months." While on keto, "I probably lost about 10 pounds because keto, it comes off quickly," she said.


4 to 5 CycleBar Classes Per Week


She also started spinning at CycleBar in 2019 and has been doing it 4 to 5 days a week ever since. She usually takes a 45-minute class, sometimes longer, and some days she signs up for two classes back-to-back. 


10,000 Steps Per Day


Joan also started walking daily. Her goal is 10,000 steps a day, which she tries to meet by walking instead of driving when she can. "I am constantly moving my body," she explains. 


Strength Training


Recently, Joan added one day of strength training per week. "I have definitely noticed a difference since I've started strength training. The difference in my upper body, especially, I've gotten smaller."


Meal Prep


Joan is no longer on the keto diet, but tries to avoid eating too many carbs. "Now I just meal prep and watch when and what I eat," she says. She does her cooking on the weekends and makes simple but healthy food, like  salads, chicken, roasted vegetables, salmon, and berries, dividing them into plastic containers that are convenient for grab-and-go. "I don't deprive myself," she adds. "I try and have a cheat day once in a while."

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She also hydrates. "I drink plenty of water during the day. That's my go to drink. I don't drink soda or anything," she says. She has a 40-ounce water jug and drinks 3 to 4 of them per day. Sometimes she will drink Celsius energy drinks, which are sold at CycleBar. "If I'm doing two classes, I'll probably grab an energy drink," she says. 


She Is "Mentally and Physically Happier"

Joan Henning

Joan maintains that her life has changed so much since she started her health journey and she isn't ready to stop. She is 20 pounds away from her goal weight. "I'm mentally and physically happier. I can do things today I couldn't do 130 pounds ago," she says. "If there is anything I can say to anyone. Don't give up, keep pushing forward and set those goals and achieve them."

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Her Final Advice: "Be Patient"

Joan Henning

Joan hopes that she can help other people achieve their own goals with her health journey, and she ends with some simple advice: "I tell people, it's not going to happen overnight. Stick with your goals and keep going."

💪🔥Body Booster: Cycling is a great workout for a variety of reasons. Spin classes are fun, social, and blast lots of calories. The Cleveland Clinic explains that biking is a low-impact aerobic exercise, and is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis. 

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