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I Lost 13 Pounds in 4 Weeks With These 14 Changes

These tips, courtesy of Eunice Cruz, will help you lose weight fast.
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Sometimes, achieving your weight loss goals is as easy as making a few simple lifestyle changes. Eunice Cruz (@eunicness) is a regular non-athletic person (NARP) and social media influencer who regularly shares information about her weight loss on social media. In a series of viral videos, she reveals how she lost a whopping 13 pounds in 4 weeks by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Here are the 14 things she recommends doing that worked for her.

Exercise More

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The first thing Eunice did to lose weight was increase the amount of exercise she did. "Work out for at least 30 minutes three times a week. Honestly, it's nothing too hardcore. It just has to be something that you like, and that will make you really, really sweaty," she says in the post.

Don't Track Calories

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Eunice didn't spend a lot of time inputting calories in versus calories out. "I personally don't track calories, like I don't track how many I take in or burn when I exercise. I just think it's another habit to build on its own," she said.

HIIT, Dance, or Workout Videos

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Eunice mixes up her workouts. "Some days I do HIIT; other days I learn a Black Pink choreo or do Zumba," she says. She also does Chloe Ting workout videos. "I really saw results when I did her workout," she explains. "So find what works for you and do it for at least 30 minutes, three times a week and follow."

Portion Control Is Key

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"So you have to remember two words: Portion control. Portion control," says Eunice. "I'm Filipino, so it was very hard for me to give up carbs, especially rice," she reveals. So what I did was a transition from two cups to one cup, and then one cup to three-fourths cup, and eventually one-half cup," she says.

Downsize Your Calorie-Filled Drinks

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"You know how others say don't drink your calories? Well, it was very hard for me as a Starbucks lover who would always, always order drinks in Venti," she says. "So to continue enjoying my favorite drinks, I gradually transitioned from Venti to Grande and then Grande to Tall, now with lots and lots of ice."

Slim Down Your Restaurant Portions

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Eunice follows the same rule when dining out. "And the same goes for other restaurants. So not only do you save money, but you also continue to enjoy your favorite foods," she says.

Be Accountable

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Eunice stresses the importance of accountability. "But this isn't about peer pressure or pressure from society. It's about having a support system to stay consistent," she says.

Post Your Workouts

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Eunice goes into detail about ways to be accountable. "So maybe, you know, people who post their workouts and progress on their Instagram stories. I also created a Finsta before, exclusively to document my weight loss journey."

Join Facebook Communities


Another way to be accountable is to join social media groups. "I'm also part of the Strong Girls Club Facebook page. It's so, so helpful, as in super practical tips and real results from real people and a super supportive community. But for my recent weight loss, it is very effective for me," she says.

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Find Accountability Buddies

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She also recommends accountability buddies. "So I made a separate accountability telegram chat with my husband, and this is what we do. We share what we eat in a day. Oh yeah, everything, including snacks. And we also share the workouts that we did," she says.

Invest in Weight Loss Tools

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"Weight loss is definitely more than just things in gadgets. It's about eating right, moving your body, getting enough rest, and stress management. But when you're invested in something, the more likely you are to stick to it. So treat these as your sidekicks in your journey to a healthier you," she says, recommending some products.

Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

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Invest in that Stanley you have had your eye on! Eunice suggests buying "a reusable water bottle" to stay hydrated. "It sounds like a no-brainer, but let's be real. Staying hydrated takes a lot of effort. So yeah, that water bottle is actually a friendly nudge, a constant reminder to keep you sipping."

And, a Food Weighing Scale

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A "food weighing scale" is another must, per Eunice. "The one thing you need to remember is portion control. And this lets you be super precise about how much you're eating so you can hit your calorie goals," she says.

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A Thick Yoga Mat

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Last on the list? "A thick yoga mat, a thick and grippy yoga mat," says Eunice. "Add some cushion and support for all kinds of workouts. This also helps prevent darkening of your knees and elbows." And if you enjoyed this article, don't miss 12-3-30 Walking Method: 20 Proven Tips to Lose Weight Faster.

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