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14 Ways to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite and Lose Weight

A certified nutritionist and fat loss coach offers her “tough love” tips.
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Do you want to naturally suppress your appetite and lose weight? Amanda Dobler (@healthwithamanda) is a certified nutritionist, fat loss coach, and weight loss influencer who regularly shares tips on how to lose weight. In general, she has a very "tough love" approach to weight loss. "How to naturally suppress your appetite if you're trying to lose weight," she says in a recent viral video. "I've lost 20 pounds myself without dieting." She also shares some other tips on how to lose weight in other videos.

Eat More Protein

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Her first tip? "Eat enough or more protein, always more protein," she says. "My favorite lean protein options are Greek yogurt, eggs, chicken, Turkey, and fish."

Also, Eat Fiber Rich Foods


Two, "Eat enough fiber-rich foods," says Amanda. "When I say fiber foods, I mean whole fiber foods, not a Fiber One bar. So some examples can be raspberries, apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, leafy greens."

Drink Lots of Liquids


Her third tip? "Drink a ton of liquid," she suggests. "When I say liquid, I mean water, coffee, tea, seltzer, all gray options. Basically, anything that does not have a ton of added calories to it." If you hate drinking "plain water," she recommends mixing it with lemon, tea, fruit, or powdered vitamins.

Eat Calories Instead of Drinking Them

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Her fourth tip is, "Eat your calories rather than drink your calories," she suggests. "A calorie is a calorie. Like 100 calories of carrots, it's the same as 100 calories in a Coke, but what they do for you is very different. And so eating 100 calories of carrots is going to keep you way more full just from the fact that you are chewing it versus drinking a can of soda," she says.

Accept Hunger

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Next, "if you're trying to lose weight, it's normal to be a little bit hungry," she says. "That's very natural, and you should feel there's a huge difference between actual hunger and a craving. So you really need to tune in and listen to your hunger cue."

Don't Binge Eat

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In another viral video, she reveals a few tips on how to avoid binge eating, which leads to weight gain. She explains that "binge eating, overeating, and giving into cravings are three very different things, but you can use this tool for all three situations," she says. "Next time you wanna keep eating, and you know that you don't need it or you're not actually hungry and you want to not be eating it, this is what you need to do: Just don't do it seriously, just don't do it."

Step Away From Your Food

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"The next time you feel like doing it, just do not do it," she continues. "Put down the fork, put down the spoon. Step away from the food. Don't do it. This is the most simple thing like ever, but we truly all need to hear it."

Don't "Cope" or Slap a "Bandaid" on the Problem


"A lot of us need permission to break away from our normal ways of coping. Even if that way of coping, such as stress eating or going towards food, is not actually helping us and not actually making us feel better, it isa comfort to us at the moment," she explains. "The reason why I'm saying this, rather than, you know, telling you to go get a lower calorie snack or to replace it with a seltzer is, those are just bandaids," she continues. "Instead, you need to dig deep and prove to yourself that you can do it and you will survive, and that's how you will work your way through it."

Build Confidence

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She adds that what people lack in these situations "is the confidence to be able to get through it, but the only way that you gain confidence is by actually doing it," she says. "Confidence is just a repeat of doing the same action and proving to yourself that you can do it and you will survive and do it. You can definitely do it."

Stop Complaining

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In another video she encourages her followers to break a simple habit: Complaining. "So here's my list of things that you need to stop complaining about if you are trying to lose weight," Amanda says. "This is just some tough love for you. If you are not in the mental state for any tough love, then guess what? You are holding your phone. You can swipe past me."

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Don't Envy Other People's Food

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"So the first thing that you Here's the list of things you need to stop complaining about if you're trying to lose weight is, when you are going out to a restaurant, and you order a meal and someone's meal looks better than yours," she says. "It's one meal. So what if their meal looks better than yours? You can either choose for your food to look better or for you to look better."

Don't Obsess Over Food at Parties

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"Second thing, you're out to a party and there's a bunch of yummy appetizers around, and you are upset because you cannot eat all of them. You need to chill out, stop, go talk to someone else. Go do anything else besides think about food. There are other areas of your life that you can find joy in besides food," she points out.

Accept Your Hunger

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"The third thing to stop complaining about if you're trying to lose weight is to stop complaining that you are still hungry," Amanda states. "You are in a calorie deficit. It is normal. You are supposed to feel a little bit hungry. There's a difference between being a little bit hungry and starving. Are you starving? Probably not."

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Don't Freak Out Over the Scale

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"Number four, and this is the most important one that so many people are guilty of. You need to stop complaining when the scale does not move, not if it doesn't move. When it doesn't move," Amanda instructs. "You need to chill out. If the scale hasn't even moved for two weeks, I probably wouldn't even be freaking out. But so many of you are freaking out. If it doesn't move after one day or two days, it's just stuck; it's all just part of the process. You need to get a little bit more mentally tough, and it will work out." And if you enjoyed this article, take advantage of these 15 Quick Ways to Lose Body Fat Percentage in a Week.

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