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20 Surprising Foods That Shrink Abdominal Fat in 60 Days

Eat your way to a smaller waistline with these RD-endorsed foods.
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Do you want to shave inches off your waistline in two months? Most people focus on cutting foods from their diet when trying to lose weight and shrink belly fat. However, many experts maintain you should focus on adding the right food instead. Incorporating the right foods can actually help you blast abdominal fat, claims Kylie Bensley, MS, RD, Certified Nutritionist, Clinical Dietician, and Founder of Sulinu. Here are 20 surprising foods that shrink abdominal fat in 60 days.

Mineral Mocktails

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"Mineral mocktails" are a fun way to drink your nutrients, explains Bensley. "These ensure you are getting the essential vitamins your body needs to function properly, plus they can help regulate blood sugar levels and keep your bowels regular, which is beneficial for keeping your gut bacteria healthy," she says.

Ginger Turmeric Juice

Ginger root and ginger powder in the bowl

Make a drink with ginger and turmeric, she recommends. "Ginger supports motility and things moving through the gut," says Bensley. "Turmeric is considered a digestive bitter and stimulates digestion. Plus, It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties."

Fatty Fish

Grilled sardine

Fatty fish are "high in protein content to keep you full throughout the day," Bensley says, noting that omega-3 fatty acids support heart health. "Although fatty fish won't help you actually lose weight, swapping meat with this is a healthier polyunsaturated fat and a step in the right direction."

Apples + Unsalted Almond Butter

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Try snacking on apples with unsalted almond butter. "This is the best go-to snack for weight loss for several reasons," says Bensley. "First, calorically, it is under 300 calories, which is relatively low. Second, the fat from the almonds is healthy and will keep you full. Third, the fiber from the apple can also create a long-term fullness. The fiber is also considered a prebiotic which supports gut health."

Icelandic Yogurt

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Stock your fridge with Icelandic Yogurt. "A study showed that obese adults who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt a day (as well as being on a reduced-calorie diet) lost significantly more fat and weight than those who were also on a decreased-calorie diet but didn't have yogurt. The yogurt eaters lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than the others in the research group," says Bensley.

Chili Peppers + Avocado


Another great combo? "The capsaicin in chili peppers is known to raise metabolism while the fat in the avocado can provide satiating fat," explains Bensley. "While avocados can be higher in calories (300+ calories per avocado), eating just one with a pepper is a good snack!"

Coffee + Coconut Oil

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Spike your coffee with coconut oil, Bensley recommends. "Some people may scoff at this, but MCT makes up 30% of fat in coconut oil. Due to its molecule shape, it can easily be absorbed and used as a quick energy source. Combine that with the research backing weight loss of coffee (research shows it can increase the number of calories burned), and it's a great option," she says.

Lentils + Cucumber/Tomatoes

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Pair lentils with cucumbers or tomatoes or cucumbers for a filling meal. "This food pairing works for weight loss in that it is heavy in plant protein (lentils have 7 grams per serving) and rich in fiber and water," Bensley says. "Lentils also contain carbohydrates but will not cause a protein spike due to its protein and fiber content."

Green Tea + Lemon

Cup with green tea on grey wooden background

What makes green tea and lemon a great combo? "Green tea has what's called ECGC, which is known for weight loss and thermogenic effects on the body. It contains catechin, which helps break down fat. Lemon has many great vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help support your body functions," explains Bensley.

Whey Protein


Whey is a great source of protein, per Bensley. "Loaded with the amino acid leucine, whey protein is a nutrient-dense type of powder that has been shown to rebuild muscle," she explains. "I only recommend whey protein for surgery healing because of its potent research-backed effectiveness in repairing the body and not causing weight gain. Studies have shown that replacing the sources of calories with whey protein combined with resistance training led to a weight loss of about 8 pounds."


Chicken eggs in sack bag on black background.

Once deemed unhealthy, eggs are now considered a healthy food. "I recommend eggs daily because of their nutrient density and their high levels of selenium, a potent antioxidant. Eggs rank extremely high on a satiety scale, which means they help you feel full, aka, lower 'food noise' while being low in calories They also have been shown to boost metabolism through the thermic effect," Bensley says.

Low Sugar Mocktails

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Low-sugar, alcohol-free mocktails will help you cut down on booze. "One of the largest swaps you can make is to replace your alcohol with alcohol-free versions. Going alcohol-free can change your body composition with less stomach fat," explains Bensley. "As an RD, this is one of the biggest recommendations just due to the altered metabolism in our body that alcohol creates. It also affects our sleep cycles, which is related to weight gain."


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Bensley also recommends algae. "Algae provides a healthy plant-based version of Omega-3, a healthy fat that is recommended to consume for weight loss," she says.



Consuming dairy kefir is a great way to get probiotics. "Kefir contains the strain lactobacillus, and several studies have shown that it can help reduce visceral fat (the fat surrounding the organs) levels in the body. I recommend low-fat kefir as full fat can stall weight loss," she says.

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Sauerkraut is a great addition to your meal. "A 2015 study found that those who were consuming probiotics such as ones found in sauerkraut instead of placebo gained 50% less body fat," Bensley reveals. "Since sauerkraut is high in fiber and low in calories and is considered a delicious side garnish, it is easy to add to your meals."


fresh kiwi fruit as background

Kiwi is a great high-fiber fruit, according to Bensley. "Each kiwi contains 7g fiber," she says. "And it also is known to reduce belly fat through its high satiety effects of the fiber and water."

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Degassed Beans

close-up red kidney bean in wood spoon and gunny bag on wood tab

Degassed beans "are a perfect food for weight loss," says Bensley. "I recommend adding baking soda to the cooking process as a way to de-gas them. I recommend this to my surgery clients, and they say it's the perfect way to prevent constipation and gas. Beans are also rich in fiber and protein, which causes satiety."

Ground Turkey

Raw Turkey breast fillets minced meat on black plate ready to cook

Ground turkey is a high-protein and low-calorie option compared to beef, Bensley reveals. "Two turkey burgers have nearly 50g of protein, and the thermal effect of digesting protein aids in weight loss."


A Scoop of Rolled Oats

Eat your oats, Bensley recommends! "Consuming oats containing beta-glucan for 3 months can lead to a reduction of body fat and lower BM, according to a recent study. Using minimally processed oats contains the most amount of beta-glucan," she says.

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Sprouted Bread

sliced bread of sprouted grain and seed

Next time you are craving carbs, opt for sprouted bread. "Sprouted bread is superior to all other types of bread due to its ability to regulate blood sugar, have whole fiber content, and have mineral-rich ingredients," Bensley explains. And if you enjoyed this article, don't miss 20 Incredible Ozempic Success Stories of All Time.

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