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What to Eat in a Restaurant for Fat Loss

Yes, you can eat out and still lose weight, says one expert.

Contrary to popular belief, dining out doesn't have to derail your diet. In fact, according to one expert, eating in a restaurant while sticking to a healthy eating plan is easy. Samuel Dickerson (@betteryoubettersociety) is an online fitness coach and influencer on a mission: To help people lose weight and become the best version of themself. In a recent TikTok, he reveals how to eat at a restaurant for fat loss, telling his followers exactly what and how to order. Body Network's Resident RDN, The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian and co-author of the Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies, also weighs in.

What to Order: Salad

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When you arrive at a restaurant, immediately order some veggies. "So for your appetizer, I would stick to the salad," he says in the clip.

What to Skip: Bread

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While it might be tempting to start picking at the complimentary bread basket, if you want to lose fat, you should skip it. "I would not be doing the bread," he says.

What to Order: Protein


He urges eating protein for the meal. "Get a protein that can be chicken, breast, beef or some kind of fish," he says. If you are really hungry, order a larger serving of protein.

What to Order: Veggies


He says to order some vegetables along with your protein, adding that you can order a bigger serving of veggies if you are extra hungry.

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What to Order: Small Portion of Carbs


Carb lovers rejoice. You don't have to skip them with your meal. However, he does recommend just "a small serving of the carbs."

What to Skip: Dessert


"And in terms of dessert, skip the dessert," he says, noting that it's "too many" calories to eat dessert at a restaurant. "Like one slice of cake could be like a thousand calories," he points out.

What to Get Instead: Protein Cookie

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Instead of a dessert at the restaurant, "get a protein cookie on the way home," he says.

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RDN Weighs In

Tara Collingwood

"You don't even need an appetizer with the size of restaurant portions," says Collingwood. While salads can be a great starter, make sure to avoid lots of cheese, high calorie additions, and full fat dressing. Also, she agrees that you should skip the bread.

She adds that most entrees will provide plenty of protein, and suggests sticking with good, lean proteins. She also agrees that a side of veggies is great, "but look out for cream sauce, cheese, sauce, or aioli that is the sign of extra calories," she says.

Another tactic? "Don't feel a need to clean your plate, especially with the carbs. Leave some rice, potato, tortilla, pizza crust, etc. behind," she says. She also agrees to avoid high-calorie desserts. If you do decide to order one, get it for the table and have two to three bites.

💪🔥Body Booster: When dining out on a diet, stick to lean proteins, veggies, and limited carbs. Also pay attention to any sauces or toppings.

@betteryoubettersociety How To Eat At A Restaurant For Fat Loss 1. For the appetizer do a salad and skip the bread. 2. For the meal eat a protein (ex: chicken, steak or fish) with veggies. And eat a small portion of carbs. 3. Skip the dessert (it's too many calories). For dessert get a protein cookie on the way home. 🚨 – Download the FITNESS APP for meal plans and workout programs. Link in bio. 🚨- For exact meals get the Fat Loss Meal Plan available on my website. Click the link in bio. 🚨- Hire me as your fitness coach, for a custom meal plan & workout plan. Link in bio. 🚨- Book a free coaching call if you need help. Link in bio. #betteryoubettersociety #bybs ♬ original sound – Better You Better Society

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