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I Lost 30 Pounds in 2 Months With These 8 Techniques

How this trainer lost weight and kept it off.
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Trainer Chris Godert (@chris.gordert) lost 30 pounds of fat in 2 months using a very specific method of weight loss, which he shared not only with his clients but with social media. Godert didn't just focus on training, exercise, and diet but on his inner voice as well. Here's exactly how Godert did it and the advice he has for anyone serious about getting fit and losing fat.

Watching What He Eats

High protein food for body builders as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, buckwheat, oatmeal, nuts, bean, pumpkin seed and sunflower seed. Top view.

Godert made a point of tightening up his diet to lose the excess weight. Even the most talented athletes would struggle to lose weight if they are taking in way more calories than they're burning off. If the food is not healthy, it would be even more of a struggle.

More Cardio

Rear view to runner in blue t-shirt and black leggings running on bridge. Outdoor exercising on smooth concrete ground on lake bridge. Sun is outlining man body

Cardio can help give weight loss regimen a boost. Depending on the exercise, hundreds of calories can be torched with running, swimming, spinning, or other types of cardio. With weight training added to the routine, it's highly effective.

Relationship With Food


Godert says changing your relationship with food is crucial to weight loss—especially if you're using food for comfort. "The hard truth is a lot of us don't use food as fuel for our bodies. Once you realize the reason why you find comfort in food, attack the issue and make a change."

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How To Gain Strength


Godert says the best way to gain strength in the gym is to improve technique. Without proper technique, there will be no real progress. "You are literally only as strong as your weakest link," he says. "You can do the greatest program ever created with zero technique and gain zero strength."

Don't Ignore Health Conditions


Godert reminds people they may be at risk of health conditions if they run in the family. The trainer got his own blood work done and suggests doing the same if there are any doubts or worries. Don't skip your scheduled checkups and physicals!

Visualization Techniques


Godert swears by visualization techniques to give his training an edge. "Before you go to sleep, visualize 20 separate times of you actually hitting that lift. And then celebrate with your training partners. Your body listens to your mind."

Losing Body Fat


Godert reminds people that weight loss is actually quite straightforward. Simply keep a calorie deficit in mind for optimum results. "Losing body fat is really not that complicated. Get yourself the proper plan then stay disciplined and consistent 👏🏽," he says.

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Changing His Mindset

Godert said the ultimate way he lost weight was by changing his mindset. "I changed my mind," he says. "Sit down with yourself and write a contract up in your mind. No ifs, no ands, no buts. When you're ready, sign it in your mind."

💪🔥Body Booster: To lose weight, address the underlying issues that lead you to seek comfort in food and make positive changes to your eating habits.

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