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"How I Lost the Last 10 Pounds," Reveals Nutritionist Danni Patton

Here are the four things she did that ultimately helped her drop the weight. 
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Some people believe that losing the first 10 pounds is the hardest – but not according to Danni Patton. The Macro Coach, nutritionist, and social media influencer regularly shares helpful weight loss tips with her large following after personally losing a lot of weight and transforming her body. In a recent Instagram post, she reveals 4 things she did to lose "the last 10 pounds."

She Explains That Losing the Last 10 "Seems Impossible" But Is Doable

"For many women, losing that last 5-10 lbs seems impossible. And for some, they might not actually NEED to. At the end of the day, remember that your weight NUMBER signifies so much more than body fat (muscle, cortisol, water retention, etc)," she writes. "But, if you are stuck losing that last bit of body fat, there IS a sustainable way for you to shed it (& for good). Remember, each individual needs a custom plan. What worked for Susie won't work for you – this is due to dieting history, BMR, insulin resistance/weight loss resistance factors and more (which we help with inside TMA). 😉But here are the 4 simple yet effective solutions that worked for me, and so many of my amazing clients," she continues. 

Eat the "Appropriate Macros"


The first thing she did was eat at her "appropriate macros," she says. "No, these weren't the macros and online calculator or myfitnesspal spat out for me. These were macros customized to my metabolic health and lifestyle."

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Do Strength Training Over Cardio

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Next, she did strength training over cardio. "I stopped running myself into the ground with hours of cardio 6-7 days a week and switched to strength training 4-5 days a week. Building muscle burns more calories at rest, helping to increase your BMR. PLUS… this is what gets you that 'toned' look (not cardio)," she writes. 

Had a Nutrition Periodization Plan


Next, she had a nutrition periodization plan. "This is the true make or break for nearly all women (outside of consistency of course)," she claims. 

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Increased Daily Movement


Lastly, she increased her daily movement and stopped doing HIIT workout. "My body's cortisol levels were already high (like many of the women I work with), and HIIT training only makes it worse… leading to weight loss resistance," she writes. "When I focused on increasing my daily movement through planned and unplanned walks, steps, and low impact activities, it changed EVERYTHING."

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