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I'm a Registered Nutritionist and Here's What I Eat in a Day

One expert dishes on her daily diet. 

Emily English (@emthenutritionist) is a Kings College London-trained nutritionist and online influencer. She regularly shares videos about delicious, healthy food, including recipes and meal plans, that will help you transform your body and your life. In a recent viral video, she gives her followers an up-close-and-personal look at everything she eats in a day to maintain her own fantastic figure. "What I eat in a day as a registered nutritionist," she starts the video off by saying. We also asked The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian to weigh in on her eating plan. 

Matcha in the Morning

@emthenutritionist WHAT I EAT IN A DAY AS A NUTRITIONIST I started off with matcha made with almond milk for slow-release caffeine. A tip is to use organic plant milk as calcium actually binds to the good stuff in matcha and prevents its absorption! After my walk I recipe tested my breakfast oat banana bread loaf which I did drop, classic, BUT it survived. It's essentially porridge in banana bread form made with oat flour paired with yoghurt, almond butter and frozen raspberries. Post workout I had my protein clear lychee whey which is my current OBSESSION. I had so many DMS about this but its basically 21g of protein in the most freshening form. It tastes like a lychee martini and I add an extra scoop of collagen for the glow. On repeat this summer! Lunch was my air fryer sticky salmon bites tossed in soy, honey, sesame seeds, garlic and a little lime juice. I serve it with precooked quinoa, avocado and chilli salt. This was so quick and so filling that I didn't actually need an afternoon snack. Dinner was lemongrass chicken with a Vietnamese inspired noodle salad filled with fresh carrot and cabbage. But honestly, this dressing guys.. chefs kiss. Will film both of these to get out on the feed this week! Of course, a little ice cream to seal the deal. #wieiad #whatieayinaday #healthymealideas ♬ original sound – Emily English

Emily enjoys the perks of caffeine. However, she doesn't rely on coffee to get energy. "A morning matcha to start me off with slow release caffeine and antioxidants," explains Emily. She specifies that she makes it with almond milk. 

Banana Bread Made with Oats


"I recipe tested my breakfast oat banana bread loaf," she says, showing off a delicious looking slice. It is "essentially porridge in banana bread form paired with yogurt, nut butter, and frozen raspberries," she explains. 

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Pink Protein and Collagen Drink


She also swears by a pink drink. "I then had my protein," she says, showing a big container of My Protein Clear Whey Isolate," adding that it has 21 grams of protein and is "so refreshing" and "tastes like a lychee martini. "I had an extra scoop of collagen for the glow, and it's going to be on repeat this summer," she says, showing a container of My Vitamins Collagen 

Sticky Salmon Bit Bowel with Quinoa and Avocado


"Lunch was my air fryer sticky salmon bite bowl with quinoa, avocado, and chili salt," she says about her mid-day meal. "This was so quick, so filling that  I didn't actually need an afternoon snack."

Lemongrass Chicken with Noodle Salad


For dinner? "I made a lemongrass chicken with Vietnamese inspired noodle salad. This dressing, guys, chef's kiss," she says. 

Ice Cream Bar


She concludes her day of eating with a sweet treat. "I always need something sweet, so I had a little OPPO ice cream stick," she said about her low-calorie ice cream bar. 

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Collingwood Weighs In


"Sounds like a very well rounded healthy diet!" says Collingwood. "Protein, whole grains, and fruit or veggies at each meal.  She includes healthy fats from Salmon, avocado, and nut butter.  She ends the day with a low calorie little treat.  Bravo!"

💪🔥Body Booster: Swap your morning coffee with matcha. It gives you energy and is packed with antioxidants. Try it with almond milk.

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