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Linn Lowes Just Shared a Fantastic Glute Workout

Here is the workout that keeps her backside in shape.
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Linn Lowes is getting her glute workout on – in her skintight workout clothes. In a new social media video, the fitness influencer and trainer with over 3.3 million Instagram followers shows off her pert booty while executing a number of exercises. "5 of my favorite kickback alternatives for glutes," she wrote in the Instagram caption. Here is everything you need to know about the workout responsible for her backside. 

Supported Abductions

The first exercise she does is supported abductions. "For glute medius (upper part of your glutes). Hold on/lean on an upright backrest and kick in an angled direction away from your body," she explains, demonstrating the move. This works her glute maximus.

Bent to Straight Leg Kickbacks


Next up, bent to straight leg kickbacks. "This basically means you're allowing your quads to assist which takes away some of the effort from your glutes but also allows you to use heavier weights," she says, revealing that the exercise focuses mostly on training the quads and hamstrings.

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Cable Donkey Kicks


The third exercise she does are cable donkey kicks. "I LOVE this movement in the Smith Machine but this variation is also good once you found your form! Focus on going slow in the eccentric movement," she says. The move is good for working quads and hamstrings.

Kneeling Kickbacks


Kneeling kickbacks are up next. "Using a very straight leg to isolate the glutes," she suggests. "Go light to medium weight and keep your glute max activated throughout the movement. There's no rest position in this one!" She adds that it isolates glutes maximus.

Stiff Leg Angled Kickbacks


She saves "probably my absolute fave" for last – still leg angled kickbacks. "Super leaned forward for great rom, kicking slightly away from my body as I drive my leg backwards and keeping the leg either straight or the same bend in my knee through out to isolate my glutes," she says, noting the exercise is good for isolating glute maximus.

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She Feels "Powerful"


Linn recently shared gratitude about her health journey. "I still see myself as that 48kg (105lb), super weak, just went through months of chemo-girl when I look in the mirror. It's strange seeing muscles, the scale showing 59kgs (130lb) and I feel powerful!" she wrote in a post. "Super thankful for where I am today, 10 years later! Both physically and mentally so much stronger. I've learned that hardships is a blessing. It makes you grow. You'll come out stronger on the other end."

💪🔥Body Booster: To build a solid booty, you are going to have to do targeted glute work. Consider investing in a few sessions with a trainer, or try one of Linn's glute workouts. 

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