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Sophie van Oostenbrugge Shows Off Toned Glutes and Shares Her "Medium Day" Routine

Here is the exact workout she does and why. 

Do you want to get your glutes sculpted for summer? Sophie van Oostenbrugg is a fitness trainer and the founder of the Gains with Brains app. She regularly shares workouts with her 2.4 million Instagram followers on how burn fat and build muscle. "i grew up hearing that women should be as small as possible. that's why I loved being able to share my bulking journey on social. I've done 2 bulks so far.. and I was thinking about starting and sharing a 3rd one," she wrote in a recent post. She also revealed her "medium leg day" workout, that will help you tone up fast. 

She Does Multiple Leg Days a Week

"I have good news's a medium leg day!!!🫣🤭sooo I split my leg workouts & currently have lighter, medium and heavier days. this helps me with recovery, train through a variety of rep ranges and make it more enjoyable," she explains in the post. 

She Does 8 to 12 Reps of Each Exercise


In the video she explains that she has "multiple leg days per week." She goes onto reveal all of the exercises she does with "rep ranges from 8 to 12."


Strong woman exercising with heavy weights. Fit female doing deadlift workout with barbell in old warehouse.

"I started with RDLs, four sets of eight," Sophie reveals. To do Romanian deadlifts, start with both legs pressed evenly on the floor. "Slightly bend knees while bending over," says The Body Network's Resident RDN, The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian. "Keep your arms pointing down toward the floor and lower with you almost touching the floor. Keep hips and shoulders square facing forward throughout the exercise. Return to standing." She suggests repeating 10 to 12 times with the right leg and repeating on the left side. "Progression includes holding a weight in the arm pointing toward the floor," she adds. 

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Sumo Squat with Kettlebell

Citizen in grey sport trousers holding the kettlebell between her legs by the handle with both hands

"Then I moved on to a sumo squat with kettlebell. You know the deal, form over everything, so go slow and control the weight," she says. Sumo squats are similar to regular squats, only you point your toes outward. 

Glute Bridges

Young athletic woman lifting her hips while doing glute bridge exercise on the floor at home.

"Then I did glute bridges," Sophie continues. You can do glute bridges with or without weights. 

Cable Step Up

Woman Using Jumping Stool During Training

Next up? Cable step ups, using an exercise block. "These are great as they help with balance and therefore they're easier to overload," she says. 

Seated Leg Curl

Close up view gym seated leg curl machine exercise woman at indoor in gym

She sits down at a machine. "Then I did a seated leg curl," she says. 

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Core Exercise


"I finished with some core exercises," Sophie concludes. "I want to get my core as strong as humanly possible so I can keep recording more intense ab workouts."

💪🔥Body Booster: Try splitting up your workouts into light, medium, and intense days to allow your body ample time needed to recover. 

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