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Cass Martin in Crop Top Shares Leg Day Routine 

Here is how she stays in shape.
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Cass Martin is sharing the workout responsible for her legs. In a new social media post the fitness trainer and influencer shows off her amazing body – including her flat abs – in a crop top. "Here's a great leg day routine!💗" she captioned the post. "Strong is sexy," she captioned the post. "Fitness Queen," added another. How does the exercise guru approach diet and fitness? The Body Network rounded up some of her healthy habits. 

Leg Day Routine


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Cass shared her leg day routine with her followers:

Pendulum Squats 4 X 10,8,8,6 Reps

Hip/Hack Sled Squat 3 X 10,8,8, Reps

Leg Extensions 4 X 12,12,10,8 Reps

BB RDLS 4 X 10,10,8,8 Reps

Lying Leg Curls 3 X 15,12,10 Reps

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She Mixes Training Styles


"I have found the best results by incorporating a mixture of different training styles. My goal was always to build muscle and be lean, but once I started training, I realized I enjoyed pushing myself to lift heavy weights," Cass told NOCCO. "I have used a method that is a traditional bodybuilding style mixed with powerlifting elements. I have always stuck to 'old school' movements such as T-Bar rows, squats, bent over rows, bench press, deadlifts, etc. I have always combined higher rep schemes for size with really low rep schemes for certain movements to build strength."

She Loves Training Her Back

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Cass has a favorite part of her body to exercise. "I love training back. Mostly because there are so many different exercises to hit while you are trying to grow a complete back look. One of my favorite exercises for back is T-bar rows. It is not an exercise you see too many people doing anymore but it is always something I try to hit while training. I also really love the flat bench press. It is just a fun way to lift and try to get strong at!" she said. 



After a workout, Cass prioritizes recovery. "First thing is making sure I get a post meal in to help repair the muscle breakdown. This is where I always add in BCAAs and hydration to make sure I am using everything to help my body repair itself from the workout," she said. 

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Cheat Meals

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Cass is a fan of the occasional cheat meal. "My favorite cheat meal right now is probably ice cream. I love Ben & Jerry's! Hamburgers are also something I could eat every day. I probably have a pint of ice cream once a month, lol, but what I have learned is that it's better to have a little unhealthy snack to curve your cravings rather than going out and splurging on something large. At my house, I always keep mini-sized chocolates or candies around, so that when I feel like I need something sweet, it's a small controlled amount rather than a full size," she told GoGirlMgz.

💪🔥Body Booster: Giving your body the tools to repair – including hydration and a post-workout meal – will help keep you from feeling depleted. 

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