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Meggan Grubb Just Shared Awesome "Leg Day" Workout

Here is everything you need to know about her workout and other lifestyle habits. 

Meggan Grubb, aka Megan Kirkland, is a fitness influencer, trainer, and the founder of Beyond, a fitness and lifestyle app. In a new social media post, she reveals the workout responsible for her strong and fit legs. "A new new leg day you need to try," she captioned the post. "Phase 2 of my programme I'm currently following begins so we have a whole bunch of brand new moves for the first time in 4 weeks and it feels SO good to hit some newness. Don't get me wrong, doing similar exercises week on week is super key to seeing progress, but when the new phase of new moves begins in my workout programmes it always feels so fresh." The Body Network has all the details about her new workout and the other lifestyle habits responsible for her body. 

Her Fitness Community Combines Mental and Physical Health

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Meggan started Beyond to fill a void in the online fitness community. There was not "a fitness app out there that has its main focus on your mental wellbeing," she told Closer. "I wanted to create a safe space where we did care about your well being. We have a function where you can turn calories on or off too – in case that is triggering. There's not a lot of pressure on Beyond, it's very friendly and warm," she continued. "I write all the life-affirming notifications myself, that idea actually came from lockdown when a lot of people were feeling quite lonely. That little message could be the only message they get from someone all day and I wanted to bring them a little bit of happiness."

She Does Two Lower Body, Two Upper Body Days, and One of Cardio and Abs


Meggan follows her own plans on Beyond. "I do two lower-body days, then two upper-body days, which I split into push and pull. The fifth day is usually my day where I can experiment and do a bit of cardio or abs. I might also do a circuit. It's really just a full-body do what I fancy day, but not lifting super heavy," she told Closer. 

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Morning Walks


Meggan walks in the morning. "I go out first thing with my fiance and go for a dog walk. We've noticed such a difference in our headspace because we both work from home, we have that time to really connect first thing in the morning," she told the publication. "I feel like it has actually made me much happier and less stressed. He told me something about light exposure and how it can really help you mentally. We have genuinely noticed such a difference in our productivity."

Morning Workouts


Meggan likes to get her workouts done in the morning. "I also train quite early in the mornings, too. I really feel the endorphins and energy from a session first thing. It's time to put your headphones in and forget about everything else and just work on yourself," she said. 

Protein Breakfast

Milk and honey on the wooden table closeup

Meggan meal preps protein-packed breakfasts. "I make honey oats the night before, so in the morning, they're just there ready for me to eat," she told Closer. "I've never really been into supplements, the only thing I go in and out of using is a protein powder with my morning oats. I don't actually take protein shakes or anything like that because I am quite good at being aware that it's in the food I make. I don't personally use pre-workout that much because I have got a bit of a dodgy heart."

Other Food She Loves


Her favorite healthy snack? "It's a bit boring, but I love Kallo Chocolate Rice Cakes. Some rice cakes are dry and horrible, but they're really good," she says. She also always keeps cheese in her refrigerator. "Cheese, I love parmesan on pasta," she said. 

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Her Leg Workout


Here is Meggan's latest leg workout:

  • Barbell landmine squats – 10 reps 4 sets
  • Barbell bulgarians – 8 per side 3 sets
  • Narrow stance squats – 20 reps 3 sets
  • Static lunges – 7 per side 3 sets
  • Leg extension – dropset: 6 reps, 8 reps, 10 reps. 3 dropsets

💪🔥Body Booster: Meal prepping is a great way to ensure healthy eating. Overnight oats can be made in moments and help ensure you get a protein-packed breakfast on the go. 

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