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I'm a Nutritionist and This is What I Eat in a Day to Stay Healthy and Fit

Expert reveals everything she eats in a day. 
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Do you ever wonder what people who are trained in nutrition eat in a day? The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, is a Board Certified Sports Dietitian who specializes in diet and weight loss. The Body Network asked her to detail all the food and drinks she consumes on a daily basis in order to stay healthy and fit. 

Before, During, and After Workouts

Healthy breakfast, granola with nuts and dry bananas in white blow on wooden table with wooden spoon and cute fabric.

Before workout: 1/2 banana or a few handfuls of cereal (granola or Cinnamon Toast Crunch!)

During workout: Water

After workout: AG1 + Creatine and other supplement pills



2-3 times per week: Plain fat free greek yogurt with 1/2 scoop of protein powder added for additional protein + berries, grapes, cutie, whatever fruit I have around + 1/4 cup granola

2-3 times per week:  Smoothie:  frozen banana, whey protein powder, other frozen fruit

Weekends:  Egg white + 1 whole egg omelet with spinach and feta or cheddar, berries, toast or English muffin

Protein Tea

A woman holds a thermos of hot tea in her hands on a cold autumn day.

I always drink a big Yeti of hot tea (Roibos) with about 1/3 of a container of Premier Protein in as a "creamer."

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Ripe wet sweet cherries are poured out of the blue bowl on wooden background

Collingwood usually has one snack one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon.

  • Built bar
  • Fruit:  Love blackberries, raspberries, cherries, peach, apple
  • Cottage Cheese and fruit
  • Greek yogurt
  • Handful of almonds or pistachios


Fresh spinach in a bowl on rustic wooden background

Collingwood will choose from a few different lunches. With each she will usually have a glass of A&W Zero.

  • Salad with spinach, veggies, avocado, air fried tofu, feta, low fat dressing
  • Wrap:  Extreme Wellness wrap with sautéed spinach, tofu or veggie chicken, capers, feta
  • Frozen meal:  Usually Amy's or Trader Joe's vegetarian meals or Lean Cuisine cauliflower cheese pizza
  • Leftovers of some sort

After Lunch Treat

Pieces of dark chocolate with mint on wooden table

Collingwood "always" has 1 to 2, "usually 2," pieces of chocolate of some sort after lunch.



Collingwood usually makes a homemade dinner, but eats out "maybe 1-2 times per week and usually on weekends," she says. Her dinners include:

  • Always a cooked veggie:  Brussel sprouts, broccoli, green beans, or spinach are the faves in the house
  • Always some sort of vegetarian protein (veggie chicken or meatballs) OR salmon (a few times a month and usually if I'm eating out) OR Tofu
  • Some sort of starch:  Potatoes, rice, pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes, etc. 
  • I also LOVE pizza so might have cheese pizza or veggie pizza

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Nighttime Snack


Collingwood usually eats nothing in the evening "unless I have another piece or two of chocolate or some fruit," she says.

Body Booster: Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself. Even nutritionists allow themselves to indulge in treats such as chocolate, diet sodas, and pizza – in moderation. 

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