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What to Eat in a Day for Fat Loss, Says Fitness Coach Who Lost 30 Pounds in 3 Months

Stick to these three meals a day.
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Samuel Emmanuel Dickerson Jr (@betterforyoursociety) is an online fitness coach who lost 30 pounds in 3 months. In addition to offering an online fitness program with tailored workouts and diet plans focused on weight loss, he also shares a lot of videos on TikTok revealing his diet and fitness secrets. In one viral video, he reveals a simple diet plan that will help you lose weight fast. The Body Network also asked The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, to weigh in on his diet. 

Stick to Just Three Meals a Day

@betteryoubettersociety What To Eat Daily For Fat Loss Breakfast: 1 Cup of egg whites with 2-3 regular eggs. Lunch: 6-10oz of chicken breast with 1.5 cups of mixed veggies. Dinner: 6-10oz of chicken breast, 1 cup of cooked rice & 8oz of broccoli. Snack: Fruit (eat it in moderation) Cheat Day Suggestion: Eat a strict breakfast and lunch. Eat whatever you want for dinner just make sure it has protein in it. 🚨- If you would like to hire me as your fitness coach visit my website. Link in bio. 🚨- Fat Loss meal plan, workouts and workout programs available on my website. Click the link and go to my website. #betteryoubettersociety #bybs ♬ original sound – Better You Better Society

In the video, Sam recommends a few larger meals over lots of tiny ones. "I only want you to eat three meals a day," he says. 

RDN Says: Collingwood is "fine" with a three meal per day eating plan, "but I do think a snack or two can work for most people to prevent them from getting ravenously hungry between meals," she says. "Snacking can be another good way to get nutrition from fruit, yogurt, nuts, or other nutritious foods."

Meal One: Eggs with Egg Whites

Fresh chicken eggs

For the first meal, "one cup of egg whites with three regular eggs," he says. In the accompanying photo, he shows a plate of scrambled eggs. 

RDN Says: "I love eggs and egg whites, but that is a lot of protein and it is not balanced with any other foods," Collingwood points out. "Three egg yolks (whole eggs) is a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol on a daily basis." She recommends following the American Heart Association guidelines of one whole egg (yolk) per day on average. "If you want a three egg omelet one day then have something else for a few days to average about seven whole eggs per week," she suggests. "Egg whites are pretty much just fat free protein, so those I don't really limit. However, I do encourage a balance of nutrients at meals."  She suggests eating less of the eggs, but adding in some veggies to the scramble and a piece or two of whole grain toast for some nutritious carbs and fiber. "Or you could add some potatoes in with the eggs for carbs," she says. 

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Meal Two: Chicken and Veggies

Marinated grilled healthy chicken breasts cooked on a summer BBQ and served with fresh herbs and lemon juice on a wooden board, close up view

The second meal he recommends is "seven ounces of chicken breast with a cup and a half of mixed vegetables." He shows his chicken breast with frozen mixed veggies, which appear to be steamed. 

RDN Says: Again, there aren't any carbs at all and a lot of protein, says Collingwood. "Chicken breast is a wonderfully nutritious, low calorie food, but it isn't necessary to eat seven ounces in one sitting. I would prefer four to five ounces and maybe add some quinoa for some high quality carbs. Love the mixed veggies!"

Meal Three: Chicken with Rice and Broccoli

Healthy Homemade Chicken Breast and Rice with Broccoli

And for dinner, "eight ounces of chicken breasts, one cup of rice cooked, eight ounces of broccoli," he says. 

RDN Says: Drop it down to five to six ounces of chicken and you've got a nice balanced meal, says Collingwood. "Choose brown rice or a different whole grain like the quinoa, barley, or whole grain pasta to provide some variety instead of white rice all the time," she adds.

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Snack: Fruits


In addition to the three meals, his plan does allow for some in-between treats. "For your snack you can eat fruit," he says. "You can kind of eat as much fruit as you want, just don't overdo it."

RDN Says: Collingwood agrees that fruit is excellent, "especially if you are getting berries with seeds or other fruits with skin like apple, pear, peach, etc.," she says. "I am not sure what 'don't overdo it' means, but I hesitate to say as much as you want because some people may take that too far. I recommend two to four servings of fruit per day."

It Will "Make You Lose Body Fat Pretty Quickly"


"A diet like that will make you lose body fat pretty quickly," Sam says. "So now you follow that strict diet until you get to your goal. And then once you get to your goal, you can swap out, let's say the dinner for the food your mom makes, or you can swap out your dinner for eating out at a restaurant. Just don't overdo it."

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What the Dietitian Thinks


Collingwood's final thoughts? "If you follow too strict of a diet you will likely lose a good proportion of muscle in the total weight lost," she says. "If you want to lose mostly fat, slow down the weight loss and make it a sustainable lifestyle instead of a 'diet' you go on and off. You can definitely include restaurant food and other favorites as long as you watch total portions."

💪🔥Body Booster: While you might lose weight fast on a strict diet, it will be harder to keep the weight off than if you lose weight via a less aggressive method that is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle shift. 

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