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I Lost 30 Pounds With These 8 Rules

This one factor is crucial to weight loss.
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TikToker Jess (@pitalifts) lost 30 pounds by completely overhauling her health and fitness regimen—and understanding the importance of diet. Jess not only focused on a calorie deficit, but she stopped doing "traditional" weight loss behaviors that were simply not serving her well. The result? Fat loss and a much happier mindset. Here's how she did it.

Overnight Oats


Jess enjoyed strawberry and cream overnight oats as part of her healthy eating regimen. She added cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and chia seeds to the oats. This healthy and delicious breakfast is just 200 calories and has 20 grams of protein!

Protein Coffee

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Jess makes her own protein coffee at home. How does she make it so delicious? By using a protein shake, whipped cream, and then adding a coffee shot over the top. The result is just 130 calories and 20 grams of protein.

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Things She Stopped Doing


Jess changed her whole workout approach by making a few crucial changes. She no longer eats too much for her height, stresses her body by going too hard at the gym, or ignores her own mental state. Instead, she has a more gentle approach which yields long-term results.

Different Body Types


Jess made real progress after focusing on fitness experts who looked like her. "The paths from skinny to fit and from overweight to fit are vastly different, folks! I would've saved so much time if I hadn't listened to influencers who didn't look like me. It's really sad that there isn't a lot of Latina representation, which leads us to look up to and expect unrealistic things."

Daily Walks

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Walking is one of the best ways to lose fat without putting stress on the body. Instead of overdoing it at the gym, Jess takes walks every day. Heavy lifting didn't work for her, so she keeps it to a minimal.

Appropriate Calories

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You can't out-train a bad diet—Jess used to eat too much but now she is mindful of her calorie intake. She also makes sure to avoid empty calories, focusing on nutrition and fueling her body. "Finally happy," she said in a video.

Show Up For Yourself


Jess is so proud of making the effort to change her body and her life. "POV: You did it," reads the text over a video of her before and after. "You are one step away from the life you want, keep going!! Losing 30lbs was not easy but I'm so glad i did it 🥰," she captioned the post.

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The Golden Rule

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Jess ultimately lost weight by making sure she was in a calorie deficit. She also made a point of eating foods that were nutritious and satiating, like proteins and vegetables. This made the whole process not just more enjoyable, but sustainable.

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