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I Lost 30 Pounds by Changing My Mindset Using These Simple Strategies

Everything is all connected and they truly work hand in hand.
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When I tell people I lost 30 pounds by changing my mindset, they stare back at me as if to say, it can't be that easy. No, it's not that easy. But it really does work.

I am a Mindset and Movement Coach and a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Professional with a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a certified fitness coach in mat pilates and barre. I like to say that I was my first client—when I gained a considerable amount of weight in college, I remember not recognizing my own reflection both physically and mentally. I tried a TON of yoyo dieting and followed an inconsistent routine. 

In my senior year of college, my life changed when I was given a one-year membership to a gym. This was the start of my true passion for movement and mental strength. I learned so much about myself that continued to unfold over the years bringing us to the present day where I have married the two to become a mindset and movement coach.

Throughout my fitness career, I have met so many people that were physically fit but lacked that same health in their mindset and mental health. Everything is all connected and they truly work hand in hand in order to cultivate sustainable well-being. Being able to tap into your body's needs, staying consistent, and recognizing when your mind and body needs me more is the act of being your own health advocate and activating the power of being the author of your own story. 

And every story needs a good beginning.

I remember the exact day I decided to lose weight. I was in New York City with a friend and there was this huge staircase in the subway station on 5th Avenue and 53rd Street. The escalator was not working so my friend and I had to climb the stairs. I remember how difficult it was, and saying to myself I can do this. Eventually, when I got to the top I also remember saying to myself I will climb these stairs one day without a problem. Fast forward about 2 years. I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I did just that with a yoga mat and backpack on my back. 

There are two things that have gotten me through the hardest times in my life: Being able to tap into my internal strength while seeing my physical strength develop is profound. It didn't stop there—these realizations spilled into other areas of my life creating a full transformation. Read on to learn how I lost the weight and how you can, too.


How I Lost the Weight


After years of yo-yo dieting and deprivation, I struggled to lose the weight I gained freshman year of college. I was given a one-year gym membership by my brother, my senior year in college. I was also introduced to Weight Watchers by my best friend's sister who recently had a baby and was using Weight Watchers to get back into shape. The combination of the two changed my life. I tried every class imaginable until I found a workout routine that worked for me. Through this I was also able to connect with like minded individuals that helped to support me in my weight-loss journey. When it came to nutrition, my curiosity was sparked! I learned the importance of hydration, having a colorful and balanced plate and eating foods that served me and my new active lifestyle. Over time this became a part of me, it became a lifestyle.

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My Advice for People Who Struggle With Maintaining a Positive Mindset While Working Toward Health and Fitness Goals

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The biggest thing in my coaching that I advise all my clients to do is write down their accomplishments! Often people are focusing on what they haven't done vs. what you have. Having a working document or journal for you to reflect on regularly will help keep you motivated and remind you of what you are capable of. 


Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

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They don't do things they enjoy! They tend to hop on trends and do what other people are doing which causes them to quit. Another thing that gets in the way is the desire for a quick fix! Sustainable change takes time and consistency. Most importantly they aren't tapping into their WHY! This is what is going to get you out of bed when you don't feel like doing it. If you can vividly paint a picture of why you are setting yourself up for success. 

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Conquer Your Fears

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I recall when I started taking classes I would always go to the back of the class in fear of doing the moves wrong. I also wore baggy clothes for fear of being judged. As my physical body got stronger so did my mental strength and mindset. I started to care less about what people thought and moved from the back of the class to the front. I was less concerned about what people thought and more concerned about showing up for myself. 

💪🔥Body Booster: Write down your accomplishments! Having a journal will help keep you motivated and remind you of what you are capable of. 

Nadia Murdock is a Certified Fitness Instructor at Garage Gym Reviews.

Nadia Murdock
Nadia Murdock is a Certified Fitness Instructor at Garage Gym Reviews. Read more