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How I Lost 40 Pounds in 3 Months by Making These Simple Dietary Changes

Ciara Foster reveals the changes she made to lose weight fast.
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Do you want to lose 40 pounds in 3 months? Consider starting with a diet overhaul. Ciara Foster, AKA Ciara Honey Fit, is a social media influencer who creates a lot of wellness and weight loss content on her YouTube channel. "Today I am going to do a much, much requested and overdue video, how I lost 40 pounds in three months. I get this question so much," she says. Here are the simple changes she made to burn fat fast.

Changing Her Diet Was Key to Her Weight Loss

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Ciara reveals that she gained 80 pounds as a result of dealing with medical issues. "One of the biggest things that I did to lose 40 pounds in three months was to change my diet. I've eaten healthy for a while, but I got to a point where I was just so frustrated with my health and with the weight gain that I got to a point where it just seemed like I didn't even care as much anymore," she says at the start of the clip.

She Met with a Nutritionist

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"The first thing I did was to see a nutritionist. That nutritionist also was a doctor," Ciara says. "She helped to create a meal plan for me that was very specific to what my body needed." She said it is important to have a "specified meal plan for you that will help you to lose weight."

"My meal plan consists of a balance of protein, carbs, and fats, with protein being my highest amount of nutrition that I take in with some fats and some carbs," Ciara says, revealing that she focuses and organizes her meals around this. "That's the basis and the foundation of my diet and nutrition."

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Breakfast: Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Low Carb Tortillas, Almond Butter

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For breakfast, she has eggs, turkey bacon, low-carb tortillas, "and I'll put almond butter in them," Ciara says. "So I've got my protein, starch, and my fat."

Lunch: Salads

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For lunch, she has "Kardashian salad," Ciara reveals, "because it reminds me so much of those big old salads that the Kardashians eat with two boiled eggs. Just because I'm not huge on meat, I'll eat mostly fish and seafood, but I really don't eat much like poultry or pork or beef. And I'll drizzle a little bit of salad dressing on it for my fat. And then I'll also have a starch, which lately I've been having Pirate's Booty. I'm gonna start getting away from that and leaning more towards sweet potato and more like healthy starches instead of processed."

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Dinner: Protein and Veggies

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"For dinner, I like to have protein and veggies," Ciara continues. "My favorite right now is salmon and Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts and I love salmon. I make my own salmon. I just season it up really well, throw it in the oven, and it's actually really easy."

She Added Cheat Days…

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"One big thing that really helped me with my diet was that I used Monday through Friday pretty much eat healthy, and then Saturday and Sunday were like my cheat days," she says. "What I started doing was narrowing myself down to one cheat meal per week. Really just being more strict about my weekends. That really can make a difference in the long run in terms of how quickly you're able to lose weight," Ciara says.

And if you wanna lose weight quickly and drop the weight fast, you really, really have to limit those cheat days and those cheat meals. And reducing my cheat meals or cheat days to one cheat meal helped me lose the weight quicker," Ciara says.

Eliminating Alcohol

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"Something else that helped me to lose 40 pounds in three months was eliminating alcohol," she says. "It was really, really hard for me because I am a wine person. Drinking is a social thing that affects the way that I interact with people at events that I tend not to and things like that. But if you want to lose weight quickly and drop the weight fast, then I definitely recommend eliminating or trying to cut down on your alcohol intake." She set a goal for herself of two weeks, then a month, and then another month, and "ended up going the full three months without drinking."

Meal Prepping


"Meal prepping was very, very integral in me losing 40 pounds in three months," Ciara says. This helped her eliminate fast food from her diet and eating out. "I like to meal prep at the beginning of the week, and that way, I have all my meals for the week or a good portion of them, and it just eliminates that factor of always eating out or eating fast food or eating things that are not good for me," she explains.

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Meal Prepping


"Even things such as salads at fast food places can have high calories and tons of sodium in them. Even just cooking at home can be a really good way to help you accelerate your weight loss."

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