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Cara Metz's 15-Minute Workout for Women 40+

According to the trainer, all you need is 15 minutes to get a great workout in.
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If you don't have an hour to devote to exercise every day, don't stress. According to Cara Metz, a fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience and nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, all you need is a quarter of that time. Metz specializes in 15-minute workouts, recently sharing one for her over 40 followers. "This 15-minute workout is perfect for women over 40! Why? Because you are super busy & a longer workout is not always possible," she writes in the caption. Here is everything you need to know about the workout – including why 15 minutes is enough time. 

Here Is Why Women Over 40 Need to Build Muscle


First Cara explains why women over 40 need to build muscle. She says that "your muscle mass is starting to diminish so you need to work at keeping your muscle & hopefully building more lean muscle!"

15 Minute Workouts Are a "Game Changer"


"15-minute workouts have been a game changer for me and the ladies who are part of the Cara Fitness family. Do you feel you need to workout for longer? If yes. Why?" she asks. 

Do Each Exercise for 50 Seconds


Cara gives the "workout breakdown" and explains that you should do each exercise for 50 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest in between. Then, "repeat the sequence 3 times for a 15-minute workout," she says. 

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Here Are the Exercises

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1️⃣ Cross bicep curl

2️⃣ Tricep kickbacks & hold

3️⃣ Upright row & clean

4️⃣ Back to front & front drive

5️⃣ Stepping shoulder press

Get More Steps In with This 15-Minute Workout

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In another post, she shares a 15-minute workout to get 1,500 steps in. "How many daily steps do you do? Do you struggle to get your steps in each day! Try this….Stick some music on, set a timer for 1 minute a move and let's go!" she writes. Repeat twice. 

  1. March
  2. Wide march
  3. In & out March
  4. Two side steps
  5. Rock step
  6. Box step
  7. Walk forward & back
  8. Let loose & boogie

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This Is Why You Only Need 15 Minutes to Work Out


"Why do you only workout for 15 minutes? Surely that is not enough? What else do you do? These are the questions I get all the time. The other question I get is how do I stay motivated?" she wrote in another post. "So motivation & just 15 minutes go hand in hand. Just 15 minutes allows me to stay consistent as the workout is finished before you know it! Motivation is fleeting, some days you are, some days you are not! Knowing that your workout is only 15 minutes means it's so much easier to just get the job done! Consistency is the key to getting results. Dipping in and out of exercise and great nutrition is what causes yo-yo weight loss and dieting. Doing 15 minutes consistently and eating great food consistently is what gets results! Simple! This is what works for me and 1,000's of women who workout with me each day!"

💪🔥Body Booster: Try to do a short but intense 15-minute workout every day for a week. 

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