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I am a Fitness Pro and Here Are 7 Reasons I Only Train for 15 Minutes a Day

Here is everything you need to know about Cara Metz’s approach to exercise

You don't need an hour or day every day to get in shape. In fact, according to Cara Metz, a fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience and nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, all you need is 15 minutes. In a new social media post Metz explains why shorter, more consistent workouts are the key to getting into and staying in shape. "Why do I swear by only working out for just 15 minutes?" she asks, going on to answer the questions.

Consistency Is Key, She Says


According to Metz, it's simple. "You must have heard the words 'consistency is key' 🔑So that is it!! Super simple, no frills, no fuss just plain old consistency!" she says.

If You Set Goals for Longer Workouts, You Are Less Likely to Actually Do Them


"We are all busy and if I told you to workout for 1 hour per day, even maybe 30-45 minutes you may do it for a while but at some point, life will get in the way and something will steer you away from doing 'the thing' you promised yourself!" she continues.

15 Minutes Is More Realistic

Smart watch woman using smartwatch touching button and touchscreen on active sports activity or morning jogging during beach sunrise or sunset. Closeup of hands and wrist with smart watch screen.

"BUT if I said to you just find 15 minutes, that's it! You can find that time because I can guarantee you have been sat on your phone scrolling for at least 15 minutes now!! Am I right??" she points out.

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She Recommends Short and Intense Workouts


"My workouts are short, sharp, intense and most of all fun!! You will be surprised what you can achieve in such a short time. Even after all these years of doing just 15 minutes I am still amazed how much the workouts work!" she says.

She Is "Living Proof"


"I am living proof! Do you need to see a before pic? The short time is the best thing, the 2nd best is that they are designed for us ladies in midlife and beyond! I am there with you at the same stage of life, understanding the trials and tribulations this era can bring!" she concludes.

Here Is Her 15 Minute Arm Workout


In another video, Cara gives her "workout breakdown" of her 15-minute arm workout. She says that you should do each exercise for 50 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest in between. Then, "repeat the sequence 3 times for a 15 minute workout."

1️⃣ Cross bicep curl

2️⃣ Tricep kickbacks & hold

3️⃣ Upright row & clean

4️⃣ Back to front & front drive

5️⃣ Stepping shoulder press

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Here Is Her 15 Minute Step Workout


In another post, she shares a 15-minute workout to get 1,500 steps in. "How many daily steps do you do? Do you struggle to get your steps in each day! Try this….Stick some music on, set a timer for 1 minute a move and let's go!" she writes. Repeat twice.

  1. March
  2. Wide march
  3. In & out March
  4. Two side steps
  5. Rock step
  6. Box step
  7. Walk forward & back
  8. Let loose & boogie

💪🔥Body Booster: Set a goal to exercise 15 minutes daily and assess the situation at the end of the week. Did you reach your goal?

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