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The Best 20-Minute Full-Body Workout, by Selena Gomez's Trainer

This workout takes just 20 minutes and gets the job done.

Life can get pretty hectic, especially in the New Year, but embracing quick and tangible rituals (or habits) in your wellness routine can help you naturally jumpstart a healthy lifestyle well beyond the short-lived resolution. It's not about expensive equipment or hours of working out. Instead, it's about identifying some non-negotiables. For me, I prioritize hydration, nourishment, detoxification, and mindful movement each and every day. Below is a snapshot of how I prioritize my non-negotiables, all while navigating the beautiful chaos of getting a working family with two small children ready for the day. 


I Start My Day With Celery Juice


I start off each day with celery juice or warm lemon water on an empty stomach. This helps my body ignite the detoxification process. I then sip on a cup of PG Tips Black tea and have a light protein-packed breakfast. Based on my jam-packed schedule, taking dozens of individual supplements or powders isn't going to work for me. Instead, I love to take Broc Shot daily. It is a one-stop shop for wellness, and I take it every morning (usually 15-20 minutes pre-workout). It is Infused with 15mg of Sulforaphane (a super antioxidant from whole broccoli sprouts), which naturally boosts my energy levels, helping me power through my workout and the day.

Sulforaphane has so many benefits and is clinically proven to deactivate myostatin production, meaning that it helps improve my muscle development (growth) while also minimizing soreness. Since incorporating this nutrient-packed shot into my routine, my inflammation has decreased, my gut has never felt better, and my skin is luminous.

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I Mix Up My Routine

Amy Rosoff Davis
Amy Rosoff Davis

I move my body every single day to feel good. While my daily exercise routine looks different depending on kids, work, and life – I have created my own fusion workout that emphasizes the mind-body connection. My signature workout mixes different modalities, mainly Yoga, dance, and Pilates, although I love to throw in some kickboxing and HIIT moves. I find that mixing up my routine keeps my stamina up and helps me feel strong and flexible. I also make these workouts available on my website.

Here is my favorite 20-minute workout: 


Sun Salutation A

I start with a Yoga warm-up with Sun Salutations (around 8 minutes in total with 3 sets of each salutation). 

There are so many variations, but my go-to salutation begins with Sun A, standing Tadasana (mountain pose). Inhale and reach your hands up overhead, fold into Uttanasana, then lift up to a flat black into Arda Uttanasana, then exhale and release your hands, head, and neck back down.

Next, step your legs back into a plank and flow. You may choose a Chaturanga or knees, chest, and chin- form is important, so practice and try to do the moves correctly instead of blowing through a workout without intention. Inhale to an updog, lifting up the thighs and opening the heart. Exhale back down to a down dog and hold for three deep breaths.

Then, step feet forward, lengthening into a flat back again on an inhale, and exhale, fold down, and release again. Inhale, standing all the way back to tadasana, then you repeat that two more times. 

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Sun Salutation B


Start with the same flow, adding on from the downward dog position. Bring your right foot between your hands and turn the heels back in, being mindful of keeping your knee over your ankle. Lift the arms up overhead into Warrior 1 and inhale and exhale.  Next, open the arms out to the side and into Warrior Pose 2. Hold for three breaths.  Windmill the arms down to a plank position through a flow (Chaturanga or knees chest chin) into an upward position and then down dog. Hold three breaths, then repeat the other leg before coming back down to the dog position. Hold for three breaths, and repeat that two more times. 


HIIT Cardio Sequence


Move right into a freestyle HIIT cardio sequence with some good music to increase your heart rate. For about 7 minutes, choose a series or a mix of jumping jacks, jumping rope, kickboxing moves with legs, chest, side-to-side, lifting knees, or, depending on the space, skipping or even dancing. You can truly do any type of cardiovascular exercise that is fun.


Cool Down x Targeted Toning


Wind down with some targeted toning for 3-5 minutes. I love Pilates' abdominal moves because they encourage your body to practice mindful, slow muscle activation. Try holding your feet in a tabletop position while incorporating bicycles or toe taps. You can also do a variation of planks.  Next, target the glutes and outer thigh. Lay on one side and begin high repetitions (30 to 50 reps on each side) of clam shells leg lifts, or get on all fours for a hydrant into an extension arabesque. Add an ankle weight or band, like b, halfmoon – a trusted brand that I love. For your cool down, stretch in a butterfly position, straddle, or pigeon pose. 

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Try Meditation

Woman sitting on the floor practicing yoga wear tip and leggings.
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If you have extra time, meditate for several minutes with your back down and palms up. For extra circulatory benefit, do this while lying on an infrared mat. Sign up for a free trial for Body Network readers! 

💪🔥Body Booster: I start off each day with celery juice or warm lemon water on an empty stomach. This helps my body ignite the detoxification process. 

Amy Rosoff Davis is a Los Angeles-based trainer whose clients include Selena Gomez, Olivia Holt, and Emma Roberts. Amy approaches fitness from a place of radical self-love and acceptance. Her holistic beliefs recognize the quintessential connection between mind, body, and spirit and its correlation to optimal health.  

Amy Rosoff Davis
Amy Rosoff Davis, Celebrity Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach Read more