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Jessica Alba's Trainer Ramona Braganza in Workout Gear Shares "Best Glutes Exercise Ever" 

Here is everything you need to know about her method. 
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Do you want to know the workout behind Jessica Alba's famous backside? Her trainer, Ramona Braganza, unveils the "best butt exercise ever" in a new Instagram post that is "used by all my celeb clients, and you have to admit they have great Glutes," she writes. Here is the workout – and everything you need to know about her method.

Use Dumbbells or a Barbell and Make Sure to Stay in Proper Form

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"Proper form is a must with this one to avoid injury and work your way from lighter weights to heavier," she explains. "You can use dumbbells or a barbell for most leg exercises. We will be switching out to barbells on the next leg series."

Romanian Deadlift

Beautiful woman performs Romanian deadlift in gym

The exercise she recommends is the Romanian Deadlift. Romanian DeadLift, or RDL, can do major damage to your back. "If done improperly with a rounded back, this exercise can cause major stress on the lower lumbar area of your back and result in a possible lumbar disc injury," says Kendra Gamble, HIT Fitness Training, Huntingdon Valley, PA, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant. To do it safely, she suggests tightening your entire core "so that it helps brace your back, keep a neutral spine the entire time, and lift with your legs (like you're pushing them into the floor) instead of your back."

Don't Forget to Warm Up


Braganza reminds us that you should always start with a "quick warmup cardio" and stretches. "For recovery make sure to do a stretch after, use foam roller or theragun if needed, Epsom salt bath helps too."

3-2-1 Method


Braganza created her trademark 321 Training Method while working with a blockbuster star. "I developed it when Jessica Alba and I were shooting many films on location, so I needed something effective, requiring minimal equipment, flexible whether you have 20 minutes, half an hour, or a full hour to train," she recently told our sister site, Celebwell.

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Do 3 Cardio Workouts

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The first part of the method, three, stands for three cardio workouts. "An example of cardio could be either treadmill, spinning, or dance.

Complete 2 Circuits


Then, you move on to circuit training. She recommends doing two circuit workouts. "Usually it's three in a row exercises that train specific body parts on different days," Braganza said.

Now, Do 1 Part Core


The final part of the workout is the core. She recommends doing a short workout to flatten and strengthen the midsection.

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Meditation, hands woman in lotus pose on a floor for peace, zen or mental health wellness at home. Breathing, relax and female person in living room for energy training, exercise or holistic practice

Sometimes her sessions with clients involve meditation. She maintains that Alba meditates before and after their sessions. "Our workouts have become more of a mind body spirit evolution as Jess is now in her 40s which includes meditation before we train that raises our vibrations to give us a positive mindset and finishes with a gratitude meditation," she said.

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