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Alex Rodriguez's Girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro, Shares "Friday Flex" Workout

Here is how she maintains her hot body. 

Jaclyn Cordeiro (@jac_lynfit) is heating up social media in her latest mirror selfie. In a new post shared this week, Alex Rodriguez's fitness instructor girlfriend shows off her insanely fit figure in a red bathing suit while flexing in front of the mirror. "Friday Flex❤️" she captioned the Instagram clip adding the hashtags #letsgoladies #goalcrushers#unapologetic. How does the Canadian beauty maintain her godly body? The Body Network has the details on all of her lifestyle habits. 

She Has Been a Gym Rat Most of Her Life

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Jaclyn discovered the gym early on in life. "[When] I ventured into the world of weight lifting, I immediately fell in love," Cordeiro told Oxygen. "This newfound love helped me through the stress of nursing school and kept me focused on my life goals." The mother-of-two, has been competing in bodybuilding and bikini competitions for several years, before-during-and-after having her kids. 

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She Mixes Up Her Workouts


"I train my body with intention and focus on MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION. I always perform early morning fasted cardio. I always go into my training with muscle groups in mind but use various methods; HIIT, Tabata, FBW, isolation, TUT and listen to what my body is telling me to do (an intuitive approach)," she told Status Fitness Magazine about her go-to workouts. 

She Takes Supplements


Jaclyn is "very mindful" of what she puts into her body. "My stack includes Energy and Burner (fasted cardio), Superfoods Greens, CLA, Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Vitamin C daily," she told Status Fitness. 

Her Diet Is Plant-Based

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"My diet consists of a plant-based, I transitioned from animal-based to plant-based about 6 years ago. I cannot express enough the benefits for my body both physically and the overall mental clarity and function. I am able to maintain a leaner physique, eliminate GI issues and my sense of connection to my body is insanely powerful," she told Status Fitness. Her favorite post-workout snack? "Tofu, sweet potatoes and roasted chickpeas with lots of hot sauce!" she added to Oxygen. 

She Has a Six-Week Transformation Program


You can lose weight with Jaclyn's help. "My six-week transformation challenge program includes; a flexible nutrition plan with a focus on plant-based/whole foods and a training plan that can be done in the comfort of their home environments," Cordeiro explains to Oxygen. "My focus is to break down barriers and gain the trust of my client during the six weeks, specifically during the 15-minute virtual check-ins, to achieve results that clients never thought were attainable."

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A-Rod Is Her Boyfriend, Workout Buddy, and Client

arod/ jac_lynfit/Instagram

In September 2023, A Rod revealed that his girlfriend helped him drop 32 pounds, calling his health journey with her "life changing." He wrote that at the end of 2021, his family pointed out that her was looking unhealthy. "Not what you want to hear, but I knew I wasn't my best self," he said. "It all came down to me making some key changes in my habits: 1. More plants, less red meat 2. Intermittent fasting 3. Night walks.  Small changes led to big results, and I'm feeling better than ever," he continued. "Thank you @jac_lynfit for being my guide and support.  You coached me up to stay dedicated, motivated and improve each day."

💪🔥Body Booster: Plant-based eating can sustain a body-building lifestyle. However, if you want to cut animal products out and still get enough protein you will have to be more thoughtful about eating and creative with protein sources. 

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