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Alexia Clark in Sports Bra Shares Body Weight Exercise Alternatives

Here is everything you need to know about the exercises – and her other diet and fitness habits.
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Alexia Clark is showing off some pretty impressive exercise moves. In a new social media post, the fitness trainer and influencer, who boasts over 2.4 million Instagram followers, flaunts her amazing figure and advanced athletic ability demonstrating some pretty advanced moves. "What do you think of these three body weight exercises?!" she asks her followers. "You're on a whole other level of amazingness," one of them commented. "Yeah this is super crazy," added another. She also offered alternatives for beginners and intermediate levels. Here is everything you need to know about the workout. 

First Exercise: Push Up Kick Up


First she does a "push up kick up," a complicated move. "This one was a lot harder than I thought it would be!" she writes about it. "In my personal opinion a great intermediate alternative for this would be using a TRX. Perform a push up and try to focus on having most of your weight in your hands. Try to keep your feet light. A great beginner alternative would be a hands elevated push up with a knee tuck at the top."

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Push Up Pistol Squat


The second exercise: Push up pistol squat. "A great intermediate alternative would be to use blocks or parallel bars for your hands perform a push up and the hop forward for a pistol squat or standard squat," she writes. "A great beginner alternative would be a hands elevated burpee."

Break Dancer


The last exercise? Break dancer, "one of my all time faves," she reveals. "An intermediate alternative would be to start in a crawl position and kick through at a slower pace. Try one side first to feel the movement. For my beginners mountain climbers are great! Even hands elevated focusing on directing your knee to the opposite elbow."

She Eats Clean


Alexia doesn't follow any diet plans. "I just try to make sure I eat clean. I don't buy snack foods or junk food. I know that if I have those things around, I'm going to eat all of it, at once," she told

Meal Prep on Fleek. How does she define "eating clean"? "I eat vegetables at every meal, no red meat (doesn't agree w/stomach), and try not to eat anything processed," she said. 

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Hiking in the mountains. Female legs with sports shoes and backpack running on a trail mountain, close up

If she's not at the gym, you will find Alexia burning calories outdoors. She told Meal Prep on Fleek that "hiking with my dogs," is her other favorite workout. Her least? "Not a huge fan of spinning," she said. 

💪🔥Body Booster: Before trying any new exercise – especially one that looks a little complicated – you might want to talk to a fitness expert. Attempting an exercise your body isn't ready for, especially if you are just getting started out, could result in injury. 

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