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Massy Arias Flashes Six-Pack During "Core and Abs" Workout

Here's how to shape up your tummy for summer.
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Massy Arias is showing off her six-pack – and revealing the workout that helps her achieve it. In a new workout video, the celebrity trainer shares the at-home exercises that can help you strengthen your core quickly. "Core and Abs," she titled the workout clip on Instagram. "Training your core in all planes of motion with this one. Took some of my favorite movements from my programs to bring you a routine that will strengthen, mobilize you, and help you build functional muscles not just a six pack." Here are the exercises she recommends – and some of her other go-to diet and fitness tips.

Here Is the Workout


Massy recommends performing three sets of 8-10 repetitions.

  1. Supine plate crunches
  2. Reverse plank with alternating knee drive
  3. V ups
  4. High plank with cross over knee drive
  5. Supine single leg cross over knee leg lifts
  6. Bear pose cross over knee drive
  7. Seal rolls

Exercise for Your Mental Health


If you need motivation to exercise, do it for your mental health. Massy has revealed that when she was her skinniest, she was the most depressed. Therapy didn't work, but exercise did. "Fitness saved my life," she confessed to Muscle & Fitness. While she started with cardio, she soon discovered weight training."That first pushup felt great!" she revealed.

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Mix Up Your Workouts


Massy doesn't rely on one method of training to keep her in shape. She recommends combining resistance training, calisthenics, yoga, and HIIT. According to the Mayo Clinic, strength and weight training help reduce body fat, preserve and increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently. Strength training may also help you develop strong bones, manage your weight, enhance your quality of life, manage chronic conditions, and sharpen your thinking skills.

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Practice Self-Love


Happiness comes from the inside out, says Massy. "I honestly think if you're not happy with who you are and you're always trying to fit into something that, structurally, you're never going to be, then you're never going to be happy. It took me a little bit just to understand I have to love the body that I'm in because it's still beautiful. And I have to understand that women come in different shapes and different body types. I've used exercise to help me feel more confident inside and out, to help me build the areas that I can actually enhance so that I can feel more comfortable," Massy tells Elle.

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Put in the Work and Be Patient


Transformation doesn't happen overnight, explains Massy. "It's really hard to put on muscle. It took me about two and a half years to actually really develop the muscle mass that I have today," she told Elle.

"Imagine if you start your journey and in three months you're not seeing the results that I've been able to accomplish in two or three years. You're going to get discouraged and you're going to quit, and fitness for me is not about just achieving a body. It's more than that. Fitness is about health and wellness and happiness—because if you take care of yourself, you're gonna live longer, you're gonna be happier. Taking a picture of my butt or taking a picture of my abs every single day? That's not helping you. I'm focused on performance. From time to time you want to encourage and motivate people, but I choose to do it in a different way. I choose to do it with the things that my body can do because I was just a 'regular' girl, and I'm showing people, hey, you can also become an athlete."

💪🔥Body Booster: If you want to flatten your abs, choose a few different exercises and do them daily.

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