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7 Facial Exercises to Erase Wrinkles After 50

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Facial massage is a great way to encourage supple, healthy skin and muscles. "Anytime you bring blood flow into an area, it gets your capillaries (blood vessels) moving, which can promote a relaxation of the muscles and get fluids moving," massage therapist Vickie Bodner, LMT, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "Sometimes, people get puffy under the eyes or in the sinus area. Practicing self-massage on the face may help you release unwanted fluids." Here are seven facial exercises to help encourage firm skin after 50.

Folds Around the Nose

the girl has wrinkles around her mouth

This exercise helps lift the folds around the nose. "Smile as widely as you can and press your fingertips into the folds between your nose and lips. Lift up the muscles whilst pressing down your fingertips into the muscles for resistance," say the experts at "This will strengthen your cheek muscles to give you plump, round cheeks – a classic sign of youth."

Cheek Lifting

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This exercise will make cheeks look more youthful, according to Northwestern University and Happy Face Yoga. "Open your mouth to form an "O," and fold your upper lip over your teeth. Smile to lift cheek muscles up, then put your fingers on the top part of the cheek before releasing the cheek muscles to lower them. Lift the cheeks back up, and repeat by lowering and lifting 10 times.

Tighten Neck and Jowls

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This exercise will help tighten up the neck and jowls, which can be a problem area after 50. "Simply press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth," say the experts at "Then look upwards with your chin to the ceiling, smile and swallow. Continue doing this for 30-60 seconds."

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Happy Face Yoga

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Happy Face Yoga is one program designed to exercise all 57 muscles in your neck, scalp, and face. "You're strengthening your muscles and moving them back into place," Gary Sikorski, founder of Happy Face Yoga, tells NBC News BETTER. "So the skin naturally follows and starts to smooth."

Massage For Scars

Scars on the face

Facial massage can lessen the appearance of thick scars, experts say. "Massage and exercises that stretch the skin affected by scarring can make a thick scar become thinner and more pliable," says Dr. Suzanne Olbricht, an associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School. "This is a clear instance where facial exercises are recommended and likely to be effective."

Cheek Sculpting

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This exercise will help give cheeks more lift and volume, according to Northwestern University and Happy Face Yoga. "Smile without showing your teeth. Purse your lips together, and then smile — forcing the cheek muscles up. Place your fingers on the corners of the mouth and slide them up to the top of the cheeks, holding for 20 seconds."

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The Eyebrow Lifter

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This exercise helps lift eyebrows for a more youthful appearance, according to Northwestern University and Happy Face Yoga. "Press three fingertips under each eyebrow to force your eyes open. Smile while trying to push your eyebrows down against your fingers. Close your eyes and roll your eyeballs up to the top of your head, holding for 20 seconds."

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