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9 Habits That Helped Me Lose 15 Pounds of Fat

Melissa Stanton transformed her body – and her life – and this is how.

It's never too late to transform your body and your life! Melissa Stanton wanted to lose fat and improve her physical fitness, so she enlisted Working Against Gravity's Director of Coaching Brittany Werner, MS, RDN, and worked with her for ten months. She ended up losing 15 pounds, dropped several pant sizes, and became the best version of herself – and this is how she did it. 

Learning About Nutrition

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Melissa learned how to eat in a caloric deficit without actually eating less food. She changed her approach to eating, learning how to fuel her body without depriving herself of vital macronutrients or food she enjoys.



"I started my fitness journey about 2.5 years ago with CrossFit," Melissa tells Body Network. "I have loved everything about it, except the burpees!"

Strength Training

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"Recently, I had a big gym change this year and had to find a new gym. I have been doing full-body 30-minute circuit training classes and am loving it. Every day is different and I am using what I learned in CrossFit with this training," she continues. 

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Two Lunches Per Day with Lots of Protein

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In terms of diet, she finally learned the importance of protein. "I'm proud to say I hit my protein goals super consistently, and often am over my goal of 165 grams every day! I rarely need a protein shake, but throw one in occasionally. I joke with friends about how I'm having my 'first' lunch and, later, my 'second' lunch. I very routinely eat two lunches each day. That helps me hit my protein goal. Egg whites are often a staple in the morning, lunches vary, and dinner is always meat, veggie (hopefully!), and carbs.

Lower Fat Meals


"I had no idea the fat content in foods before starting with WAG," Melissa continues. "I wouldn't say I have eliminated anything from my diet altogether, but I absolutely factor in having a higher fat meal whether I make it or eat out, and then build the rest of my meals around that to hit my goals."

Relying on the Mirror, Not the Number on the Scale


Melissa doesn't put too much emphasis on the scale. "I haven't cared a TON what the scale says, though it has gone down big time, and I'm thrilled with that," she explains. "I started this journey because I truly hated when I looked at myself in the mirror. I knew I could be better and I wanted to not feel bad when I look in the mirror. Now, I love what I see."

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Melissa Stanton

"My number one tip would be to educate yourself on macros. They have been a game changer for me," Melissa reveals. "And one of my best friends followed my advice, signed up with WAG and is crushing her goals."

Progress Photos

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She also recommends progress pictures. "They say SO much. If I'm ever feeling not great about progress, I go back a few months, or to the start and I blow my own socks off!" she says. 


Melissa Stanton

As for how she stays accountable and motivated, Melissa maintains that weekly check-ins with her coach are key. " I've been on this nutrition journey for holidays, vacations, son going away to college, etc. If you have a bad day, week, whatever it is, it does not define you. As soon as you can get back on the wagon and keep at it," she says. 

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