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I Lost 40 Pounds in 5 Months on "Volume Eating" Diet, Says Influencer

Everything you need to know about “volume eating.”
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Nour T (@nourrtann) is a social media influencer who shares videos about everything from skincare tips to diet and fitness hacks. In fact, she regularly shares about how she lost a whopping 40 pounds in just 5 months. In one of her viral videos Nour reveals that one diet hack in particular has been instrumental in her weight loss journey. The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian weighs in. 

There Is "One Sustainable" Way to Lose Weight

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"I'm telling you guys, there is only one thing, one sustainable, realistic thing that actually works when it comes to losing weight and getting to your goals. I worked in a gym for five years, so I tried everything you can think of," says Nour. "I'm also someone who lost 40 pounds in less than five months, and I've seen people who have tried anything you could think of." 

Calorie Reduction Helps You Lose Weight


"One thing I will say: Keto, paleo, Atkins, high protein, low fat, low carb, whatever it is, they all work. They all work because you're probably eating less," she continues. "And also, please remember that eating healthy and eating to lose weight are completely different things." Collingwood agrees. "Yes, diets just trick you into eating fewer calories. When you reduce calories to burn more than you are taking in, you will lose weight!"

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But the Technique of "Volume Eating" Is the Most Sustainable


"In my opinion, the most sustainable way to lose weight without tracking calories or stressing out is volume eating. Volume eating is in no means a diet plan. It is actually just a technique," Nour continues. Collingwood agrees that no one likes to eat like a mouse, and "if your eyes can see a larger amount of food, it tells the brain that you are getting a decent portion and that it should feel full."

You Eat Large Amounts of Low-Calorie Foods

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"You're basically mainly eating large amounts of low-calorie foods, so some examples of that would be like instead of having a cup of rice, you would have a half cup of rice and then a half cup of cauliflower rice," she says. "Low-calorie foods tend to have higher water content (fruits and veggies) and also fiber to keep you full longer. You can eat more volume and fill up without contributing a lot of calories," explains Collingwood.

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You Eat Half a Portion of Rice or Noodles and the Other Half, a Veggie


Another example? "Instead of having a whole serving of pasta, you would split it in half and then have zoodles," she adds, explaining that you would mix in your cauliflower rice with your rice or zucchini noodles with your noodles. "You're eating the same exact amount as you would've, but the calories you're cut in half and you're allowing yourself to eat much more vegetables, which are good for you," she says. "Using cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles in place of all or some of the starchy counterparts can definitely reduce calories and boost nutritional value," agrees Collingwood. 

Or, Make Half the Eggs and Add Lots of Veggies

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"Another example is, let's say you're having eggs for breakfast, you would just add a bunch of chopped vegetables into the scramble mix. Now you're eating so much more, but you added no calories to your meal," she says. "Adding veggies to your eggs will definitely boost the nutritional content, fiber content and volume by a lot. Your eyes will see a big plate of food but the calories won't be too high," Collingwood adds. 

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She Says It Will Help You "Get to Your Goals" Faster


"I'm telling you, start volume eating. If you practice volume eating, you will get to your goals without all the added stress, and it's a way that you should want to and can eat for the rest of your life. Yes, all these other things might work and they might work fast, but I've been there and they're not realistic. You'll gain the weight back and you'll just do it all over again. It's unhealthy, it's unrealistic, and it's dumb," Nour concludes. "Portion size is the problem for many people but they don't want to eat small portions because they think they won't be full or will feel deprived. When you can eat a full plate of food, you feel better. When that full plate is mostly veggies, you can feel good about that and still lose weight!" says Collingwood. 

💪🔥Body Booster: Volume eating is a great tactic: You get to eat some of your favorite foods paired with some healthier alternatives, allowing you to lose weight while staying satiated. 

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