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Kelsey Wells Shows Off in Sports Bra and Reveals Secret to Getting in Shape

Here is how to get in shape.
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Are you trying to lean out and add some muscle to your physique? One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is that lifting weights will make you get "big" instead of lean – and fitness trainer and influencer Kelsey Wells is here to bust the myths surrounding "lean muscle" and weightlifting. In a new social media post the expert discusses the muscle growing concept with her over-3 million followers and reveals the secret to getting in shape.

There Is "No Such Thing" As Lean Muscle


According to Wells, there is a major misconception about muscles. "First of all— There is no such thing as "lean muscle." All muscle is lean," she writes in the post.

People Use to the Term to Describe Having Visible Muscle with a Lower Body Fat Percentage


"Usually when 'growing lean muscle' is marketed to you, it's to sell you the aesthetic of not being 'too bulky or manly' (🙄🙄🙄 I've been called this or heard this more than I can count) and/or having visible muscle, with a lower body fat percentage," she continues.

Getting "Big" Takes A LOT of Work


"Listen. Growing A LOT of muscle mass takes A LOT of INTENTIONAL work-focused training and nutrition and eating in a caloric surplus— for an extended period of time! YEARS if doing so naturally and healthily," she says.

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You Won't "Accidentally" Grow "Crazy Big Muscles"

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"And to all those who have that goal and focus and achieve it!? 😍💪⚡️ beautiful feminine superwomen. If that's not the vibe for you personally? You don't need to stress aka you will not 'accidentally' grow crazy big muscles," she continues.

The More Muscle You Build, the More Calories You Will Burn

Fitness woman in sportswear trains shoulder muscles, doing dumbbell press while sitting on bench in gym. Back view

"My main point?? LIFTING WEIGHTS helps you build muscle, and the more muscle mass your body has, the higher your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). Therefore the more calories your body is burning even at rest! This (accompanied with eating adequate protein) is how you (over time!!!) shift your body composition to that 'lean muscle' people talk about," Wells says.

Whatever You Do, Make Sure It Is "Healthy and Sustainable"

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"I am ALL about helping women understand that fitness is SO MUCH MORE than aesthetic goals— and that changing something about your physique should only be a goal if it is gone about in HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE ways, and with a HEALTHY MINDSET! Never from a place of lack or not-enough-ness," she says.

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Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Brutal athletic woman pumping up muscles with dumbbells

"But I am ALSO all about helping LIFT STIGMAS surrounding women and weight training! And empowering them to GET IN THE GYM! And pick up some weights. There are SOOO many benefits, inside and out," she concludes.

💪🔥Body Booster: Don't be afraid of lifting heavy weights. You aren't going to "accidentally" bulk up.

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