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Becky Greenan Reveals 5 Exercises That "Hit Every Muscle in Your Upper Body" 

Do three sets of these exercises and work your entire body. 
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Having children and getting older is no excuse when it comes to fitness. Becky Greenan, a 37-year-old mother of two, is living, breathing proof that you can get into the best shape of your life after having kids. The fitness trainer and influencer has built up a following of nearly one million on Instagram, sharing effective, at-home workouts.

This week she dropped a new one that will change your body. "Upper & Core that will hit every muscle in your upper body with just 5 exercises," she writes in the caption. Find out how to do the workout and see her amazing 10-year transformation on The Body Network. 

Here Is the Workout

"I'm holding 10lbs and 5lbs," she notes, suggesting 12 reps per exercise and 3 to 4 total sets. 

  1. Lean backs with front raise
  2. Skull crusher with alt. leg raise
  3. Alt. curl into press
  4. Kneeling lateral raises
  5. Push up into superman

Her 10-year Transformation Is Shocking

Becky also shared a shocking transformation photo on Instagram this week, " 27 years old vs 37 years old with 2 kids," she wrote in the caption. "My transformation didn't take me 10 years to see results. But my progress hasn't been linear either – especially with 2 pregnancies. 

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Be Consistent, She Says

What is one of the secrets behind her transformation? "One thing I've always been is CONSISTENT. I've always kept going and I've never given up on myself," she says. 

For Building Muscle, Lift Weights, Not Cardio

"If you want to change your body composition by getting lean and adding curves – LIFT WEIGHTS. If you want to build confidence – LIFT WEIGHTS. Cardio isn't going to give you the shape you're looking for," she points out. 

Her Workouts Can Be Done with Resistance Bands and Dumbbells

She adds that the majority of workouts on her fitness app only require resistance bands and dumbbells, and can be done at home. "YES it can be done and it's what I've been doing for years," she concludes. 

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Here Is What She Eats in a Day

As for diet, Becky consumes "2000ish calories and 120ish protein," per day. "Full day of meals on a rest day for this 37 year old mama of 2. Each meal contains carbs, protein and fats. I did an estimate of my calories and protein intake for you all. I usually eat more on lifting days because I'm hungrier," she writes in a post.

  1. 2 eggs, 2 egg whites and feta toast with butter
    400 calories / 25 protein
  2. Apple with peanut butter, protein shake
    450 calories / 35 protein
  3. Chicken thigh and leg, sweet potato and broccoli
    450 calories / 45 protein
  4. Bun with turkey, and orange
    350 calories / 15 grams protein
  5. Cucumber salad and cookies
    400 calories

💪🔥Body Booster: For a successful transformation, be consistent. Never give up on yourself and keep going.

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