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I Lost 75 Lbs With a Jump Rope and Push Ups

Here is everything you need to know about Joseph Graham Jr. and his weight loss journey.
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If you are making excuses about why you haven't lost weight, and any of them involve financial retrains, stop right there. According to one man, you don't need a personal trainer, or even a gym membership. All you need to do is buy a jump rope. Joseph Graham Jr. (@theguywiththepinkshoes) is a fitness influencer and "crossrope athlete" who lost a whopping 75 pounds and toned up his dad bod by jumping rope. The father-of-three maintains that skipping not only helped him achieve physical health, but also has been a game changer in terms of his mental health as well. Here is everything you need to know about his journey. 

Joseph Topped the Scales at Nearly 250 Pounds in 2022

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Joseph started his jump roping journey in 2022, weighing nearly 250 pounds, he reveals in a viral video. By December 2023 he was down 50 pounds and had a six pack. 

He Has Lost 75 Pounds By Jump Roping

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A little over a year later, and he has lost a total of 75 pounds. "75lbs transformation (before & after) 🎟️🌸✌🏾 the journey never ends, the work never stops. we just keep improving," he captioned the viral video. 

He Also Does Push Ups

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In addition to jumping rope, Joseph claims that push ups also helped him get into shape. He explains that he does "harder" push ups. "It's not enough to just do as many as you can and do them fast. Once you feel comfortable doing pushups, once you feel like you've kind of got it down, you have to start making it harder for yourself," he explains. "The resistance is what builds the strength, right? 

Form Is Important, He Stresses


Form is also important. "So in the beginning, I would do my pushups and my form was off," he confesses. "I used to do regular pushups and would just, my butt would be all up in the air and I would just try to see how many I could do, and I would just do about 15, right? Or 20. And then it started getting easier. So I was like, bro, I'm doing 20, but now I can't go past 20, right? And I felt like nothing was really changing."

So, he worked on getting into form. "You want to make sure you're straight like a plank, right? And just go slow, go down real slow. Pause, go down real slow, go. And when you go down slow like that, you make sure that you're engaged in your core. Even if you could only do six, you just keep doing 'em like that, right? And once you start doing that, when you go to do your regular pushups, you're going to find yourself being able to do more."

He "Felt Like Quitting" but "Pushed Through"


This week he shared another "before and after," opening up about his journey. "i cant tell you how many times i felt like quitting. how many times i felt like i wouldnt accomplish my fitness goals. how many times my mind was filled with negative thoughts, doubt, insecurities, and anxiety," he writes. "through all of this, i pushed through. you can do it too!"

Jumping Rope is Efficient Cardio


Jump roping is a free and efficient cardio workout you can do anytime, anyplace. "Boxers have been skipping rope for ages, keeping them light on their feet and able to endure long challenging bouts," Nikolai Puchlov, owner and head coach at Pro Kettlebell, previously told The Body Network. He recommends investing in a Crossrope, "the highest quality ropes I have come across and they have training resources as well," he says. 

Pushups are Great for Heart Health


And, in addition to building strength, push ups are great for heart health. One 2019 study published in JAMA Network determined that men who could complete at least 40 push-ups in less than 30 seconds were at less of a risk of cardiovascular problems—including heart attack and heart failure—compared to men only able to complete ten or less. 

💪🔥Body Booster: Try adding jump roping to your routine. Skip for five minutes a day and see how you feel by the end of the week.

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