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Can how you spend your mornings help you lose fat? Having good healthy habits are important at any time of the day, but how you start your day can make all the difference when it comes to weight loss. It doesn't have to be anything complicated or time-consuming—just making a few small changes can lead to great results. Here are key morning routines to start your day off on the right foot.

Eat Breakfast

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Eating a protein-filled breakfast could help prevent making unhealthy food choices for the rest of the day. "Eating a diet that's rich in protein is important for your muscle health," Allegra Picano, RDN, tells Henry Ford Health. "And the more muscle mass you build, the faster your metabolism is and the easier it is to maintain a healthy weight."

Meditation Session

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Meditation is a very effective method of stress management, which in turn encourages weight loss. "These benefits don't end when your meditation session ends," says the Mayo Clinic. "Meditation can help take you more calmly through your day. And meditation may help you manage symptoms of some medical conditions."

Take a Walk

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Walking is a low-impact way to burn fat and start your day on a high note. "After a full night's sleep, walking helps jump-start your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories at a faster rate," Nick Parkinson, M.Ed., AT, ATC, TSAC-F tells Henry Ford Health. "Along with a healthy diet, walking can help manage weight. Even if you only have time for a 10-minute walk each morning, you'll have up to 70 minutes of exercise by the end of the week."

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Meal Prep


Packing your lunch and snacks means you avoid having to settle for unhealthier options. "With anything in life, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That applies to meal planning as well," registered dietitian Silvia Veri tells Beaumont Health. "Planning meals and snacks ahead of time increases the chance for success, it increases the likelihood a healthier food choice will be made."

Hit the Gym


Exercising first thing boosts metabolism and encourages healthy choices for the rest of the day. "Morning workouts help reduce the possibility for obstacles to present themselves," Jasmin Theard, ACSM HFS, tells Piedmont Health. "There is also less opportunity to make excuses."When you get up and exercise, you establish a healthier mindset, which makes you more mindful of what you eat during the day."

Enjoy Your Coffee

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Research shows four cups of black coffee a day could help reduce body fat. "Our study results and evidence from previous studies suggest that regular coffee intake may aid in weight loss and in achieving better overall health if it is incorporated into a healthful diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains," says Derrick Alperet, a research fellow in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. "But less of sugar and artificially sweetened beverages and processed and red meat."

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Get Some Sun


Getting sunlight first thing helps set your circadian rhythm, which helps with good sleep. "In our earlier work, we understood that sleep is important for appetite regulation," says Esra Tasali, MD, Director of the UChicago Sleep Center at the University of Chicago Medicine. "Now we've shown that in real life, without making any other lifestyle changes, you can extend your sleep and eat fewer calories. This could really help people trying to lose weight."

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