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Gabby Dawn Allen Shares New Strength-Building Workout

Here is how she is getting back into her fitness routine after the surgery.
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Gabby Dawn Allen is getting back in shape after her boob job! Gabby, a fitness influencer with over one million followers on Instagram. Her main goal? "To make fitness fun," she says in her bio. Earlier this month Gabby underwent a breast augmentation surgery, and has been sharing updates with her followers. This week she revealed that she was back in the gym with a new "post boob job" workout routine. Here is everything you need to know about it. 

She Is Doing a 5-day Split

Gabby reveals that the workout is a 5 day split of glutes, upper and lower liss, legs heavy, and HIIT and abs-slash legs light. "As I have been sat on my arse more than usual, I have lost some of my booty gains, so I am back to incorporating three lower body sessions into my week, one fully focused on glutes, one heavy leg day, which will also include some glutes and one lighter leg day, which will include explosive movements too," she explains. 

It Involves Progressive Overload "To Regain Strength"


Gabby added that she is doing progressive overload to regain strength. "I have lost my ability to lift the same weight that I had done prior to surgery so I will be working on the same program for the next 6 to 8 weeks, whilst I focus on gradually increasing the weight to get me back to where I left off," she explains. "Muscle memory is a powerful thing if I do this safely and smartly, I should be back there in no time."

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She Is Prioritizing Rest and Recovery


Gabby also revealed that she is prioritizing rest and recovery. "The only way our muscles will grow is if they have enough downtime. I will be training lower body three times a week, but how I structure the program, is what will enable me to do this. For example, hamstrings will be the dominating muscle focused on in the heavier workout and the quads on the lighter days," she says in the post 

She Is Increasing Protein Intake on Maintenance Calories


Gabby is also increasing protein intake on maintenance calories. "I have tried to focus on hitting my protein macro, but I've also been in a calorie deficit as coming back into training," she writes. "I wanted my focus to be on building my strength back up not losing weight. I will increase my focus on getting 2 g of protein in per kilo of bodyweight and I am also going to up my calories to maintenance again as my level of exercise is now increasing. I am going to need to fuel these glutes back up baby !!"

She Is Continuing with Her Daily Average Step Count


Gabby is also keeping up with her steps. "I have been walking my little socks off during this downtime to keep my NEAT taking over, this alongside my deficit has helped me keep some KG offs. I am aiming to keep the step count up because whilst the goal is to grow the booty with the workout and food, I also want to stay lean," she says. 

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She Is Patient and Consistent


Finally, Gabby is being patient and consistent with her progress. "After any downtime, if it surgery induced or not, it is important to be kind to yourself, and remember how long it took you to get to this far, you WILL get back to your best. Set yourself a goal, stick to your plan and make it frikin happen," she concludes. 

💪🔥Body Booster: After having any major surgery or medical issues, always consult with a doctor before you start exercising again. Once they give you the go-ahead, ease back into your routine. 

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