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Olivia Ostrom Shares "Firing" Glutes Workout, Saying "Let's Get It!"

Here is everything you need to know.
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Olivia Ostrom (oliviaostrom_) is getting her sweat on – in a sports bra and leggings. In a new social media post the fitness trainer and influencer shares her glute-firing workout routine with her half-million followers. "IT'S LEG DAYYYY! My gloootes were firing after this one, let's get it!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥" she wrote in the caption. Here is everything you need to know about the workout – plus her tips on how to lose weight without dieting. 

Here Are Her Firing Glutes Workouts

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"This 30 min workout is right from @liftwithliv app," she says about her "Dumbbell only leg day" workout.

  • 3×12 Sumo squat

Superset with 12 curtsy lunge

  • 4×10 Staggered leg deadlift
  • 3×10 Glute bridge

Superset with 10 single leg glute bridge

  • 3×12 Pull through

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting? Start By Making a Plan

In a YouTube video, Olivia reveals how to lose weight without dieting.

Her first tip? Sit down and make a plan. "I want you to think about how many times a week it's actually realistic for you to be working out. A lot of times when people are like, okay, I'm ready to go. I get back into the gym, they think, okay, I need to be in the gym five, six times a week. But for a lot of people, it's not realistic, myself included, A lot of times when people end up going all in, they're like, I'm going to work out six times a week, and then they don't get to the gym six times a week because it's not realistic for them, and then they feel like they failed themselves, their confidence is shot: Instead, be realistic and plan," she says.

"Once you figure out how many times you want to be working out, schedule them into your calendar like you would for any other appointment. If working out or getting healthy or losing weight, whatever your goals are is a priority for you, then you need to make them a priority like you would for a doctor's appointment or a dentist appointment or a work meeting. You should also pencil in the time. "Be mindful of that when you're scheduling it, and don't just schedule it and say, okay, Monday I'm going to work out. Pick a time, schedule it in like you would for any other appointment," Olivia points out.

Restrict Yourself Less

Olivia Ostrom/YouTube

Next, she suggests restricting yourself less. "A lot of times when people are beginning a fitness journey or when they're getting back into living a healthier lifestyle, they will go from zero to a hundred and they will restrict themselves from all of their favorite foods," she says. While that can work in the short term, it's not realistic for the long-term. If you start out saying you're going to "eat a hundred percent clean" and restrict yourself from all processed foods, you are going to start to crave them, give in eventually, and then maybe throw in the towel altogether. "That's because it's not realistic for you to be restricting yourself from all of your favorite foods," she points out.

"So what I love to do is to just incorporate balance and really make sure that I'm maintaining that balance every single day of eating a large majority of wholesome foods, but not to the point where I am always saying no to those foods that I love. I like to follow the 80 20 rule. So 20 percent of the time I enjoy those yummy foods. I love my ice cream, I love chocolate, I love sweets. That's where my heart lies, but I need to incorporate them daily because it just helps me," she says. "A lot of times when people restrict, restrict, restrict, they end up overeating," she says. 

Change Your Mentality


"Tip number three is ditch the I will start again on a Monday at mentality," suggests Olivia, explaining that for many years she would "struggle on the weekends and be constantly restarting over on Monday" and that the "all or nothing" mentality is not sustainable.

"Now, you can imagine that if somebody is starting, let's say their healthy lifestyle on Monday or their diet on Monday and they end up falling off track on Wednesday and they completely throw it in the bag and they're like, you know what? I'll start again tomorrow and then tomorrow rolls around. They don't get started back with that healthy lifestyle and the next day rolls around and before you know it, they're telling themselves, I'll start again on Monday. Well, that's five full days of waiting and waiting and waiting because you have that, I'll start again on Monday mentality. And for whatever reason, I guess it's just the beginning of the week, people feel like that's just the best time to get started," she says.

The best time to get started is "now," she maintains, "when you feel that gut feeling of like, okay, maybe I overindulged or I skipped a workout, or whatever it is that made you feel like you fell off track or maybe made you sway away from your nutritional plan or your just healthy lifestyle changes that you were planning on making. As soon as you recognize that you have the choice to make a change, then and there, don't feel like you have to wait until tomorrow to make a change."

Consume High Quality Protein

Olivia Ostrom/YouTube

The next tip "is one that a ton of people don't pay any attention to, and that is the quantity of protein that you're consuming," she says, noting that about 90 percent of her clients don't eat enough protein.

"If you're wanting to see results, if you're wanting to gain muscle mass, if you're wanting to lower your body fat percentage and see some more definition like you need to be eating an adequate amount of protein, protein is so amazing, it's going to help you feel satiated. It's going to help you repair your lean muscle mass. It just helps with so many different functions in your body, and it's such a vital macronutrient," she says. She suggests using an app like MyFitnessPal so you can "just input the food that you're eating and it'll let you know how many grams of protein that you're having in a day, and that'll let you know your starting point of where you're at right now."

Be Consistent

Olivia Ostrom/YouTube

"The next tip that I wanted to share with you today is that consistency is the most important thing in your fitness journey," she says. "To see results in a fitness journey, it takes time. It's definitely not something that happens overnight, doesn't happen in a week. For a lot of people to even see initial changes, I say give it like six weeks. That's how much time it takes to see real results. So I need you to be patient and just be consistent."  She adds that this is why she promotes balance.

"You can enjoy yummy food, enjoy your workouts, enjoy moving your body because that's going to allow you to see the most success, and that will allow you to be consistent and actually just enjoy the whole process."

Don't Rely on the Scale

White scale on a wooden table top view, fitness and weight loss concept

As actual progress goes, while being consistent, "do not rely on the scale to see results," she instructs, noting that the "number on the scale will go up and down and up and maybe up again and then down" because weight often fluctuates on a daily basis. "It's normal for us to gain somewhere between three to five pounds when we're on our menstrual cycle," she points out.

"There's so many other ways to monitor progress. Some of my favorite ways are progress photos, measurements, how you feel in your own skin, your energy, what you see, the changes you physically see when you look in the mirror, how your clothes are fitting, how you're sleeping at night, how your lifts are going, how much weight you're lifting in the gym," she points out. 

💪🔥Body Booster: If you want to lose weight and keep it off, make sustainable lifestyle changes instead of going on restrictive diets.

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