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Influencer Sculpted Her Arms With These 4 Simple Tricks

Influencer who lost over 176 pounds reveals how she got her arms in shape. 
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Emma, a TikTok influencer who goes by the handle @finding.emz has built a following on the social media platform for sharing about her weight loss journey and experiences competing in Ironman competitions. She claims to have lost over 176 pounds in a little under two years, with the help of weight loss surgery and changing her approach to diet and exercise. In one of her viral videos she shares her incredibly impressive arm transformation and reveals how she went from flabby to firm. "Now I changed my arms from this to this. Now, this transformation took a little under two years, which sounds like a long time, but it's really not," she says in the video. Here is how she did it. 


First Step: Figure Out How to Lose Weight

@finding.emz The most common question i get is about my arms 💪🏼 people want to know what the magic exercise is, and i wish i could say there was one but unfortunately it comes down to weight loss, a good diet, exercise and consistency #looseskin #armexercise #batwingarms #lifeafterweightloss #weightlosstransformation #armworkoutsforwomen #flabbyarms #flabbyarmsworkout ♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar

First and foremost, "the first step was I had to lose weight," says Emma. "What you're seeing in my arms isn't just loose. Skin is also fat."


Second Step: Cardio


"This meant that I had to move my body more," she said in the video. This involved "incorporating at least an hour of cardio training every day."

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Third Step: Improved Diet


She also "had to eat better food," she explains. "My approach was to be in a calorie deficit, eating high quality, high protein, whole foods." 


Fourth Step: Strength Training


"Once I'd lost some of the fat, I then started to incorporate a weight session into my regime," Emma continued. "It's nothing fancy. I do two 30 to 40 minute sessions a week using mostly pin loaded machines focusing on the upper body."

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Here's What an Expert Says


The Body Network asked Kendra Gamble, HIT Fitness Training, Huntingdon Valley, PA, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant, to weigh in on Emma's tricks. "This is literally the exact definition of getting in shape especially if you are a bigger person wanting to actually lose fat," she says. She agrees that finding motivation and moving your body more "which could be in a form of cardio or just simply increasing your steps daily," along with eating in a calorie deficit while prioritizing protein ("the number one most important way to start losing weight," she says) and then strength training," are all crucial. "How much you do varies on you but more muscle mass helps you burn fat and essentially get that 'toned look,'" she adds.

💪🔥Body Booster: To start losing weight, find motivation to increase daily physical activity, eat in a calorie deficit with a focus on protein, and incorporate strength training.

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