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I Lost 30 Pounds and This is What I Eat in a Day to Stay Lean

Fitness influencer details her diet to burn fat.
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Denise Hamdan (@denisehamdan) is a food and fitness influencer on TikTok who regularly shares her tricks and tips on weight loss with her 71,000 followers. Hamdan lost a whopping 30 pounds by following a healthy diet and exercising. In a recent clip, she reveals her diet. "Hey y'all, here's everything I ate in one day to stay lean as someone who lost 30 pounds," she says, revealing that she eats 1,829 calories and 147 g protein per day. Body Network's Resident RDN, The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, and co-author of the Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies, also weighs in.


Blueberry and raspberry parfaits in mason jars, scene on a rustic wood background

"I started my morning with my breakfast cocktail of oxygen and creatine. I just added the products to my showcase. So go check them out.  I have my cocktail with Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries and a drizzle of granola," Hamdan says. The total calories equal 157 and 14 g protein.


Scrambled eggs, omelette

"I'm in this phase where I eat nearly the same thing every day, and that's been scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach and some turkey bacon on the side," she says about her lunch. "And honestly, I'm not complaining because it hits every time. Her total calories are 562 and 52 g protein.

Green Smoothie


Sometimes she will have a smoothie instead. "I made a cute little green smoothie and it was a little messy, but it was good regardless," she says.

Pre-Workout Snack

Canned tuna fillet meat in olive oil, on black background, flat lay

"Later, for a pre-workout snack, I made some cute little tuna crackers with the green onion and bell pepper," she says about the snack totaling 430 calories and 28 g protein.

OxyShred and Pre-Workout

Sport supplement, creatine, hmb, bcaa, amino acid or vitamin scoop with powder. Sport nutrition and health concept.

"Then I got to the gym and made my OxyShred and pre-workout combo before hitting cardio and abs," she continued. "It had me sweating." OxyShred is a dietary supplement that claims to help with weight loss and energy by using natural ingredients like caffeine and green tea.

Protein Bar

Closeup on fit sports woman in sport clothes with chocolate raw protein bar using smart watch in the modern living room.

"Right after my workout I had my favorite dark chocolate pretzel protein bar," she continued.

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Crispy Sesame Chicken Asian Style, Sweet and sour fried chicken with steamed rice and spring onions

"And finally for dinner I made this super easy teriyaki chicken bowl over brown rice," she said, adding that the 560 calorie and 52 gram protein meal is "so delicious and the macros forward are amazing."


Pieces of dark chocolate with mint on wooden table

"Lastly, for dessert, I had some chocolate 'cause I cannot end the day without a little sweet treat," she said about the 120-calorie sweet treat.

RDN Weighs in

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"1,800-1,900 calories seems like a good amount for her, but I don't know her exact age, height, weight, or exercise level," says Collingwood. "147 grams of protein is probably more than she needs, but it is not dangerously high."

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Try Eating More Vegetables, Expert Says

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"I see a little bit of fruit on the yogurt and a tiny bit of spinach in eggs and peppers in tuna, but overall, not much veggie intake (green smoothie was green powder and not real whole veggies), which is proven with only 16 grams of fiber for her overall day," Collingwood continues. "I would recommend increasing veggies to aim for 25 grams of fiber each day." She also likes how often she is eating with the meals and snacks in between. "I do worry about the OxyShred. I couldn't find on their website anywhere exactly how much caffeine is in it and having it later in the day could definitely impact sleep since caffeine has a 5 hour half-life," she points out.

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